• A Girl

    I see your eyes
    You seem so hypnotized
    I don't know why
    I feel so sad... more »

  • Black

    I wear the black
    For the POOR and
    The BEATEN down
    Livin in the hop... more »

  • Bullshit

    They feed you
    It's all the same
    The more they say
    The more you are put to shame... more »

  • C-Train

    Will you come with me to the end of the tunnel

    It will be some tripp... more »

  • Dreaming

    There is this beautiful creature
    It's out there beyond it all... more »

  • Fly Oh So High

    You fly so high with all of these lies
    But what goes up must come down... more »

  • For The People Every Where's

    This one is for the pain
    For when the little kid gets beat up

    This one is for the little boy... more »

  • How To Say

    My feeling's are hard to explain nobody will ever understand, I keep them all traped in a box for a reason that i dont no, half the time im not even true to myself.

    I don't know why people are open and glad but for some reason im always shut down and sad, im much more sensative than the adverage human being, my feeling's over power me sometimes for they are more supream.... more »

  • I Know

    Green showed guy
    Still there and so aware
    I know you wonder
    What I am doing or thinking... more »

  • Just For You

    tried putting this into words
    flipping words around my brain
    nothing ever came....... more »

  • One Question

    The clouds split
    You start to see it
    Getting closer
    One big blur... more »

  • Pain


    Make it all go away... more »

  • Should Be Me

    I watch him as he lays there
    So stale, stiff and silient... more »

  • Smile

    The image in my head
    That makes me smile out loud
    The room full of people that I'm in
    They just think I am crazy in my head... more »

  • So Fine

    She's their
    Unaware... more »

  • There's Only One

    There is only one,
    One of her kind,
    Many may not know, but she is so well devined
    The smile i see she has... more »

  • This Place...

    This place...

    not a word to be said... more »

  • This Shot

    This shot is for,
    The long day at work

    This shot is for,... more »

  • What A Tripp

    The cigarette burned
    My finger tips
    and dropp'd like a log
    to the rug below... more »