• A Lesson To Learn

    I sat upon a lonely seat,
    In the world of desire and deceit.
    Voices of evil told me, that
    This is nothing but Men’s paradise.... more »

  • A Life Of An Ordinary Man

    Can one man live a life of ninety-three?
    Encounter things that no one can see,
    A trapped soul that cannot break free... more »

  • A Normal Lesson

    Still working out why I am here,
    Nothing cross my mind.
    Thought it could be fun,
    But was proven wrong again.... more »

  • Alone

    So quiet, yet so loud
    The pitch for the thundering sound,
    Some are close, some are far,
    No one will understand... more »

  • Card Game

    A group of four men
    Sat around a table
    Waiting for their cards
    To be shuffled and distributed... more »

  • In A Taxi

    After a few mad waves, it has stopped
    Mother motioned me to sit at the front
    What a new experience, a wide screen slowly
    Unveiled the rolling scenery coming towards... more »

  • My Mind


    Felt like never could touch the ground
    That surreal feeling never swept my way... more »

  • Rooftop

    There is no place to stand but here,
    No man could take away my freedom now.
    See no fear, see no evils
    But the call of nature sings... more »

  • The Man Who Lost Himself

    A man stood on stage,
    Waiting for his moment,
    It was his first time,
    His palms moisten by sweat.... more »

  • The Return

    It has been a long year since you left,
    Things has come and gone,
    The church has grown bigger than ever,
    Yet still seem small without your presences.... more »

  • Tree In A Big City

    A small yellow tree stood,
    With fences round its fragile body,
    Smoking vehicle, smoking men,
    Blocking its supply of daily needs,... more »

  • We Are Year Eleven P’s

    Proud to call ourselves year eleven P’s
    We are not some scattered peas
    But live in a class of love and peace... more »