• Darkness

    the pain is penetrating,
    crawling under my skin.
    fear is what i live on,
    my hope is wearing thin.... more »

  • For Anyone With Cancer Or Some Sickness

    Have you ever watched kids
    On a merry-go-round?
    Or listened to the rain
    Slapping on the ground?... more »

  • I Love You

    written with a pen
    sealed with a kiss
    if you love me
    please tell me this... more »

  • I Never Knew You

    they told me you were great but hurt so much inside.
    they said you said you loved them the same night you died.
    but now ill never know you but i reall wish i could.
    they tell im just like you and very misunderstood.... more »

  • Keep On Going ((Dedicated To Loryn A.))

    just keep on going
    we all have bad days
    we all have emotions
    that get in our way... more »

  • Longing For You

    I long for you,
    the glow in your smile that lights up my day,
    and when you`re not here,
    i lose my way.... more »

  • Lost Soul

    a fragile soul cries into the night
    a crime is happening, nobody is in sight.
    careless neighbors turn out their lights,
    she tries so hard with all her might.... more »

  • My Dark Angel

    Every one has an angel
    Who watches from above
    To make them feel safe
    And always feel loved... more »

  • Paranoia

    paranoia, my dearest friend
    screaming out your bitter end.
    of sweet succession soon to bend.
    what these sad lives have tried to mend.... more »

  • Shadows

    In the corner of a circle,
    On the curved side of a square,
    There is a dark spot
    That people wish just wasn't there.... more »

  • She Died

    uncertain her tears stream down her face
    the emotion shes feeling is somewhat displaced
    she feels no joy, happy or glee
    she feels no sorrow, guilt or greed.... more »

  • The Only Thing

    the only thing
    that keeps me from dying
    makes me want to die.
    the only thing keeping me from crying... more »

  • Without You

    the night was dreary and the rain came down
    he said; lets go on a ride. away from this town.
    all through the ride, he had nothing to say.
    it was as if something was on his mind, something in the way.... more »