• A Moment

    A whisper in your ear in the dark
    A feeling deep down inside
    A moment of weakness... more »

  • A Single Rose

    A single red rose
    Painted that color
    With drops of blood
    The thorns created... more »

  • Am I Free?

    no details
    no anything
    no, thats not true
    i have something... more »

  • Broken Glass

    It is hard to carry on
    When every step hurts
    More than the last
    When the pain in unbearable... more »

  • Caged

    Haul me awy in shackles. Lock me in a cage
    Its probably the safest place, considering all my rage
    Anger takes over, Words are spoken out of hate
    Sometimes it can be controlled, Sometimes it is simply just too late... more »

  • Depression

    A dark, deep cavernous hole is where your lost
    distant from all that matters to you any more
    all of the evils you have faced are there with you
    teasing and tormenting you, clawing and reaching for you... more »

  • Don'T Let Go

    Can you see the tears I cry
    Can you feel the pain inside
    Everytime I watch you walk away
    A part of me dies inside... more »

  • Door

    A closed door
    between me and the world
    blocking everything out
    keeping other things in... more »

  • Give Up

    Left a broken pile on the floor.
    Alone and crying.
    Scared and confused.
    I do not why it happened.... more »

  • Here

    I sit alone and think
    I feel alone sometimes
    Even when I am not
    There is a chill in the air around me... more »

  • Home

    A broken window, covered in dust
    An empty glass sitting on the table
    A love letter, never opened, left behind
    Pictures still hanging on the walls... more »

  • I Want

    a release, an escape, a longing. a yearning, a desire, a need, a want. whatever you choose to call it.
    dark. quiet. alone. the best place to be. nothing to distract you.
    you feel nothing. no worries. no cares, no feelings. nothing.
    nothing can hurt you. no one. anymore.... more »

  • I Wish You Could See

    In front of you I stand
    I hold my heart in my hand
    My eyes are cold and pleading
    Waiting, Dying. Bleeding... more »

  • It Flows

    like streams coming down the side of a mountain
    into a pool at the bottom
    blood flows
    like an orange when peeled with the insides revealed... more »

  • Leave Me

    Please do not leave me here like this
    Bound and broken on the florr
    Crying and begging for it to stop
    Searching frantically for an answer... more »

  • Lie

    countless years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, wasted on a lie
    a lie that consumed everything in its path with no remorse, no emotion
    the things that remain are meaningless and empty, broken and lost
    there is nothing beautiful, nothing amazing, nothing worthwhile... more »

  • Life Is A Gamble

    flip the coin. heads or tails? roll the dice, does your number come up? nothing is certain. nothing is guaranteed. life is a gamble. its a risk. its alot of things. but one thing it is not is permanent. you could wake up tomorrow to find everything and everyone you know is gone. you could wake up tomorrow and everything could be different. providing you wake up at all. you have choices, but you never know if they are the right ones. sometimes they are, and sometimes you wish you had chose differently.

    flip the coin
    roll the dice... more »

  • Lost

    a swing
    abandoned... more »

  • My Angel

    An angel came and sat with me
    We sat and talked all night
    He said he would always be here
    He has never let me down... more »

  • My Box Of Crayons

    ... more »

  • My Broken Heart

    My hands are bleeding and cut
    from the shattered pieces im picking up
    scattered all over the floor in front of me
    i have spent hours sitting here on floor... more »

  • My Demons

    ... more »

  • My Poison

    ... more »

  • Nothing But A Photograph

    i hold it in my hands, eyes closed, turning it over and over
    everything is just like it was then
    every sound, sight, smell, feeling
    they all come back to me like they had never really left... more »

  • On The Edge

    standing on the edge of the cliff.
    the waves crashing into the rocks below
    the sound drowns out the screaming in your head
    close your eyes... more »