• From Afar

    You write from afar
    Overcoming the language barrier
    Love's universal
    Hurt the diseased carrier... more »

  • Giving..................

    I have given all a woman ever could
    You take with ease
    You feel you rightfully should?... more »

  • Hurting Within

    ... more »

  • In Peace Is

    Today I am numbed to find
    The constant chattering in my mind
    Fears, hurts, unjust & hate
    I found for what WAS MY soulmate... more »

  • Intense Expression

    I've written a book
    Published last year
    Expressing my journey
    Along lifes uneven pier... more »

  • Kiss Enough Frogs?

    It; s normal to have to kiss a few frogs
    Til you get to your Prince
    The most pedigreed of dogs... more »

  • Renew Wen? E'R

    Thoughts regurgitate in my mind
    Yesterday, tomorrow
    No new inspiration
    Hurt pain & sorrow... more »

  • Sunshine

    Sunny days are precious and rare
    Like an honest and caring man
    They don't come around too often
    Pleased to see them, if they can... more »

  • The Gardens In La Pozas

    To re-ignite your soul
    Heaven's on earth
    La Pozas in Mexico
    Promise yourself... more »