TB Tink Bell June 23 1990

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WinNetH U sometimes u do hav mood swings But then u make up and forgive things I always know I could count on u Ur the friend who is always tru U may think that u r short But u rock hard on the b-ball court The ball would go in w/ a swoosh U may get blocked but u dont push U’d b ther to listen to my stories About my happiness, sorrows and my worries U r ther to wipe my tears U r ther to help me w/ all my fears All tht I am trying to say is tht ur my friend And I wish ur friendship would nvr end I hope u realize tht this is tru Cuz I made this poem especially for u Luv ya……..
i love u winneth.... hehehe hey add in ur poem about ur grampa..... tht was sad...........