• A Mother's Heart

    I miss you, I still miss you.
    Alone in the quiet darkness of night
    Where no one sees,
    The tears still fall… even now.... more »

  • A Silent Plead To God

    I've walked too long, too far in the dark.
    I'm lost and lonely, empty inside.
    The trees and grass are drenched in blood,
    The road is cold and hard and wrong.... more »

  • Alaska

    I think I'll move to Alaska.
    I hear it's much cooler there.
    Lot's of wide open spaces
    With no people everywhere.... more »

  • Bitterness

    This world is full of non existence
    Thoughts and deeds and words of never spoken depth.
    A destined moment alternates,
    And life like grains of sand flows through.... more »

  • Cry Of The Forgotten

    If you don’t remember…
    Your life is only half full.
    And it’s the unknown empty spaces
    That forever haunt your dreams,... more »

  • Darkness, Thy Name Is Vain

    He was my friend, that autumn
    When the wind blew so distant, and so cold.
    My friend, and night time my lover to hold
    In bittersweet loving, alone.... more »

  • Doomwatch

    I hear the Dragon's song;
    A song so old it's meanings lost in time.
    I hear it's lonesome, lonely cry.
    I feel the pain and hurt it's held inside.... more »

  • Even Christians Stumble

    Would they even care
    If they knew
    That deep inside I feel my heart is breaking.
    That grief like death lies burdened on my soul.... more »

  • Faith

    I know that you are there
    In trail and pain and anger.
    I know you always take my part,
    But it's often hard to see.... more »

  • Generations

    He came a stranger unto our land.
    We gave him peace, maize and game.
    We call him brother with open hand;
    He paid us with thievery, murder, rape.... more »

  • Gray

    Gray of plaster, gray of bricks.
    Gray of weathered barns and sticks.
    Gray of old buckets left by the door.
    Gray of old flooring scuffed and worn.... more »

  • Holding On

    For My Children

    Crystals and unicorns
    And elves up in my tree.... more »

  • How

    Teach me how to stop loving you.
    Teach me how to stop feeling.
    Teach me how you can walk away from me
    Without seeming to care.... more »

  • If Doctor's

    If Doctor's Get 50% Of Their Diagnosis Right They Feel There Doing Well But Why Do I Always Have To Be The Guinea Pig...

    I really feel quite certain
    That I don't need all this pain.... more »

  • In Dreams

    In dreams;
    Nothing ever changes.
    And no one ever lies.... more »

  • Indian Summer

    Is there nothing in my dreaming
    but visions of you?
    Is there nothing else my eyes
    can hope to find;... more »

  • Little Girl

    I remember you as a small child,
    Laughing, happy in God's light.
    I remember how things made you smile,
    A butterfly, flower or cat.... more »

  • Moon's Lady

    Moon's Lady rides the night
    Her cloak of silver, her dress of white.
    She rides the skies on wings of gold
    While her copper laughter fills the void.... more »

  • -now-

    I have known you for so many years my friend
    Ups and downs, good and bad, sacrifice and gain.
    We have been so close, we have been apart.
    We have been lovers, brother, sister, friends.... more »

  • Ole Friends

    Death and I are old friends;
    I have walked alone
    Silent in the dawn,
    And I have walked with him... more »

  • On Ending

    I walk the road where death has been
    And see such footprints as few have seen.
    I follow a path I am bound past life,
    Bought in tears and blood laid price.... more »

  • Pale Rider

    He beckons me with silent call,
    He waits behind each corner.
    He bids me now to go with him
    To live in a tall black tower.... more »

  • Phantom

    Are you real,
    A dream come true,
    A hope that reaches reality?... more »

  • Please Listen

    Once upon a time I had a friend.
    It wasn't so very long ago.
    A friend that really mattered,
    A friend that cared for me,... more »

  • Quietus

    Come pale prince, and be my one true friend.
    Come walk by my side, take my hand.
    Mirrored in your eyes, dark secrets lie,
    Give me thy sleep of painless peace.... more »