• Beauty

    As the wind blows so do the leaves.
    As the wave crests and crashes to the shore.
    It may go unnoticed for days,
    But in the end you see the true beauty in it.... more »

  • Changes

    The sky is as blue as sapphire
    The waves grasp the shore
    Then it all changes
    As quick as a whip it dulls... more »

  • Contemplation

    As you sit in the dark
    And contemplate your death
    You ask yourself, “Why? ”... more »

  • Diffrent

    As I walk down the road
    People laugh at me
    At the way I look... more »

  • Fire

    Prometheus was bound to have his liver eaten, just because he helped the mortals, by giving them the fire of Olympus...

    Fire is a destroyer of life
    Struggling to stay alive... more »

  • Pain

    The pain it hurts
    Why must this be
    The way it ends
    Can it be... more »

  • People

    people shielding themselves from facts
    covering up their emotions
    showing not one bit of generosity
    ignoring all around... more »

  • Rainbow

    As I see the rain come to an end
    There is a big rainbow
    It sparkles like a precious jewel
    So rare and so bright... more »

  • Senses

    Hear soft voices
    Music in the air
    Move to the rhythm
    And dance to health... more »

  • Sinking

    The ground melts below me, making me sink
    The ground covers my face, making me choke
    The last bit of air I have, gets wasted
    It seeps out of my nose and mouth creating an air bubble... more »

  • Stars

    Stars shimmering
    Stars glowing
    Stars never ending
    Showing their brilliance to us... more »

  • Trash

    I see trash on the side of the road
    Cant understand how many pigs there are
    Why they have to destroy the world like this
    Our children have to face our own making... more »

  • Walking

    As you walk through the
    woods, you hear the twigs snapping
    as deer run over them
    You smell the freshly rained on leaves... more »

  • Why? (Dedicated To My Teacher, Mrs. Wolterink)

    ... more »