• 2 Cute 2 Poot

    Put your right hand under your left arm pit,
    And flap your arm up and down just a bit.... more »

  • A Piece Of Sky

    No one can own a color; no one can own a cloud.
    No one on Earth could ever, I'm glad it's not allowed!
    No person owns a person, though some may think they do.
    No person owns the ocean; I know this to be true!... more »

  • A Rose For You

    Today I picked a rose for you,
    It seemed the perfect thing to do.
    To me the petals represent...
    Unfolding years and time well-spent.... more »

  • About Beets


    I’d rather eat snails with some raw lizard tails!... more »

  • Belinda Ate A Booger

    Belinda ate a booger,
    On our field trip to Kentucky,
    I can't believe she did that,
    It's just so very yucky!... more »

  • Did You Show Up Just To Throw Up?

    Did you show up just to throw up?
    Did you plan it all this way?
    Did you show up just to throw up?
    Just to ruin my tenth birthday?... more »

  • Diff'Rent

    It's a half diff'rent world in the sufferin' south...
    Like the snuff-stained lip of your Grandpappy's mouth!
    There's Dinner-on-the-Grounds with Daddy Long-legs
    Crawlin' up and down Miss Ducey's deviled eggs!... more »

  • Dinner @ Grandma's

    Dinner at my Grandma's can drive a kid to fits,
    The last time she fed me pig poo and olive pits!
    This time was even worse; she cooked a big brown snake!
    The food was a nightmare, though I was wide awake!... more »

  • Do You Love Women? ? ?

    Do you LOVE women? I mean, REALLY LOVE them?
    I AINT talkin' prostitutes!
    For the sake of daughters, sisters and mothers,
    I AINT talkin' birthday suits!... more »

  • Down At The Walmart Parking Lot!

    You do not hold what I hold dear,

    And when I told you what I fear,... more »

  • Down-Low Dane

    she manages
    to have someone...
    (SCARCE is her word)
    firm is her grasp... more »

  • Gargoyles

    Pet gargoyles grunt and snore and cough,
    But sadly you can't turn them off!
    The belch and wheeze and sneeze and spit,
    I cannot bear the thought of it!... more »

  • Green Onion Shampoo

    The baby-sitter's nuts! Please listen Mom, it's true!
    Last night she washed my hair with Green Onion Shampoo!
    Green Onion Shampoo! Green Onion Shampoo!
    It smells worse than bad, and when you get through,... more »

  • Grounded!

    I saw the report card you brought home from work!
    Punished! You're punished! You drive me berserk!... more »

  • I Rember The Day Before I Was Born


    (September 16,1982)... more »

  • In Broad Darkness

    tonight, a torch song is burning,
    on the levee in Gramercy,
    a bonfire, a distant always,
    as hot as nineteen eighty-three.... more »

  • Lily Licked The Toilet

    Lily licked the toilet,
    And then she licked the floor.
    You can bet I'll never
    Kiss Lily anymore!... more »

  • My Dream: A Vision Of Peace

    Where the mountains touch the sky,
    Where poets DREAM, where eagles fly,
    A secret place above the crowd,
    Just beneath a silver-lined cloud.... more »

  • My Poopasaurus

    Have you seen my Poopasaurus?
    Oh she poops in great big piles.
    She’s a prehistoric creature,
    And her poop goes on for miles!... more »

  • No Middleman!

    Think outside The Box!
    Do not follow flocks!
    Look unto the hills!
    Free, like whippoorwills!... more »

  • Nursing Home Eyes

    Look into my window,
    Observe silk flowers
    Swaying to a ceiling fan breeze,
    And a wallflower,... more »

  • Pulling Habits Out Of Rats

    I’m no genie or Houdini,
    I’m The Famous Rob Kabob.
    Hocus-pocus I must focus,
    I must think to do my job.... more »

  • Risk

    Oh death may say of dreams in youth -

    'You never knew his private truth.'... more »

  • Second Helping Anyone?

    Savor the fine flavor, they're the pride of Birmingham,
    And if your down in Jackson, try them with some June Bug Jam.
    Go ask Billy Bob or Bubba and they'll say 'Sweet Lord above,
    It's Goat Guts and Garlic Grits that we do dearly love! '... more »

  • Sister Of Mine

    Sister of mine, please know that I miss you,
    As miles seperate us in life as we roam.
    I close my eyes and we're still together…
    Splashing in puddles as we skip toward home.... more »