• So Amazing: A Mother's Love

    Today I want to tell you how much you mean to me,
    Though sometimes the right words don't come so easily.
    I remember your faith. How you gave unselfishly.
    Mom, I am thankful for the love that you've shown me!... more »

  • Storm Child

    Catholic candles, dripping wax,
    In the attic: One strong axe.
    Nana Rose was very wise...
    'Keep for when the waters rise! '... more »

  • The Holy Roller

    -Copyrighted & registed 2008 ASCAP Music/Austin-Tatious Music-(Preach-2-the-Preachers Ministries)
    Dedicated to those who worship the numbers, money, influence, affluence, and holier-than-thou pragmatism that modern churches & mega-churches have eroded to.

    The Holy Roller... more »

  • The Jacaranda Tree

    ~Here's the wisdom shared with me... by the Jacaranda Tree~

    A friend of the wind...... more »

  • The Macaroni Necklace

    Lynzie Anne Mc Kenzie was a very creative girl,
    She made a macaroni necklace for her teacher Mrs. Pearl.
    'It's the dumbest gift I've seen! ' Laughed little Tony Maloney,
    'Nobody wants a necklace made from macaroni! '... more »

  • The Maggots In My Meatloaf

    The maggots in my meatloaf,
    Often cause me too much strife.
    They take advantage of me,
    And they need to get a life!... more »

  • The Puckering Pickle Parade!

    In a place called Pizanna,
    Miss Lana-Leeanna
    Makes a lip-locking lemonade!
    But the bittersweet bounty... more »

  • This Just In

    Seems the TVs are spoiling the children,
    Wide screens to baby-sit and console.
    No worlds to explore,
    Beyond the back door,... more »

  • To My Kindred Spirit

    We share secrets, we laugh and even cry,
    We have so much in common,
    Concerns, likes and dislikes.
    Ours is a relationship joined by... more »

  • Way Down Yonder

    The Thingamabobs and the Diddleysquats,
    Ate platypus-puke and hot booger-tots.
    The Tiddleywinks and the Snickerdoodles,
    Had roasted head lice with stink-bug noodles.... more »

  • Would You Like Orange Juice With That?

    Flies ZOOM across the room,
    Then with one sneaky snap,
    The flies become breakfast
    For the Venus flytrap!... more »

  • Young Poets

    You speak for the lakes, the trees and the birds
    You say what they'd say if they had the words.
    Make PEACE and be proud, choose well every choice
    Speak HOPE and speak loud, you are Nature's voice.... more »