• Alone...~

    No one sees the pain within her eyes,
    No one see that she covers everything with lies,
    No one cares,
    No one is ever there to help her up when she falls.... more »

  • Although...~

    Although you may not love me,
    Although you may not care,
    If you shall ever need me,
    You know I’ll always there.... more »

  • Let Me Lean On You...~

    Keep your eyes upon me,
    Keep me in your sight,
    Lead me down this crocked road,
    Lead me to the light.... more »

  • Please Don'T Give Up On Me!

    (Very, Very short poem?) : D
    Please Don’t Give Up On Me!
    You came right out and said it.
    “I Love you damnit! ”... more »

  • This Mask...~

    Nobody sees me,
    I'm right here!

    Nobody hears me,... more »