• A City That Rarely Speaks

    in careful waddling
    of measured steps,
    our wearied thoughts
    grope in the dark deafening silence... more »

  • A Generation Of Lies And Deceits

    They are from such a crude and cruel time
    When deceit is but for just a dime
    They have plotted with their father
    What it will cost doesn't matter... more »

  • A Good Song

    the ingredients of a
    good song, my King,
    shall of Your Word be, of praise,
    of worship, of grace, and of Love;... more »

  • A Motherly Hope [bring Back Our Girls]

    she was here- she is here still,
    in this house- her home of comfort

    I watched her eat... more »

  • A Rise Of Fury

    trembling trees shall dance
    fearfully in the gusting wind of her vengeance
    beneath a sky of thundering lights... more »

  • Beware The Looks That Look Away!

    find The Light,
    turn not your back
    lest you fall asleep;... more »

  • Birthright

    'oh cage!
    of what value
    are your golden bars
    of rage,... more »

  • Centenary

    May we find a use for this centennial cry
    For the times pass us by
    And our tears won't bring the end
    To this grievous and gory trend... more »

  • Consecrated (1jn 3: 9)

    Self! A selfish monster
    Always in constant friendly pretence
    Must be bound and sacrificed on the altar
    That I may fulfill my primary essence... more »

  • Days Of Yore

    Oh what deed the deed has done!
    Saner days of yore are gone!

    Of thoughts, drawn from depths the mind could reach... more »

  • Glass Ceiling

    of the sky- a mirror,
    each time I look,
    I see myself:
    same smile; same frown;... more »

  • God's Kind Of Poetry: My Well Of Wellness

    on this Teacher divine
    stake I my dearest will-
    upon Him who wrote
    my frame with His... more »

  • Goodbye

    I don't want to take goodbyes
    For a toll of endless sighs
    I won't take a groundless hiss
    To a night that has lost its bliss... more »

  • Hail The Child King!

    Oh let, I pray, this moment be
    More than a day of feast to me
    Let out the news full of life
    The child that was born is still alive... more »

  • Horse Of The Hot Bloods

    not in the strength
    of finely drawn muscles well-sinewed
    to thy sturdy underframe... more »

  • Mercy

    Amidst wonders that will never end
    There is one that refuses to blend
    Its newness knows no boundary
    And it's given to all and sundry... more »

  • More Than Enough

    He painstakingly hearkens to every cry
    Whenever we choose to come by

    Not a single soul will go the same... more »

  • More Than Enough 2

    At night, He will grant our break, Oh busy world!

    We'll be blessed, like a baby, with sleep full of bliss... more »

  • My Life Time

    Teach me how to number my days
    That I may flow in endless praise
    For my age isn’t just numbers
    But precious annals of your wonders... more »

  • Night Within

    tick tock! the hands of time;
    their clicking chorus counting away
    like oars, they row in farewell mime;
    for the day's spent that wears gray... more »

  • Of Long Ago

    they said we came so late,
    at a time most unfortunate...

    theirs was a time of 'many';... more »

  • One Fairy Night

    one fairy night, a song unveiled a world of dream-come-true:

    it laid it bare before my eyes so fresh and bright and clear... more »

  • Re-Value-Ation

    I gave my life to eyes of being
    It rose and grew at loss at end
    I gave it not to things unseen
    It rose and grew at loss at end... more »

  • Save Mother!

    She, so friable now has become
    from exhausted tries to
    wriggle free
    from the embrace of death,... more »

  • Say Not Love

    Say not love when it is not
    When what it brings is spot
    On saintly garment of white
    And rid the soul of sight... more »