Born a small wooden boy Tom was sent to school, but got distracted and joined a traveling show instead.
Becoming disalusioned he left the theatre and ran with the wrong crowd eventually becoming a real ass.
Later he was swallowed, then escaped, from a whale.
As of late he works helping other wooden people find thier place in the world.
He still dreams that someday he'll become a real boy


Tom Foster Poems

Why I Don'T Do Acid Anymore

Outside my house
There are these flowers
That open with the sun like violet fire
And when I see them I think to myself... more »

Where Be The Angels

On a cold steel table
Deep in the
Antiseptic gray green brick basement of
Some government building... more »

Words Like Rain

Like rain
Water her words
I drink them
Like poetry... more »

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Comments about Tom Foster

Don Jackson 15 Aug 11:40
Are you the same Tom Foster who read at Portfolio with Tom Rush and Gary Tomlinson in '92?
Bob Fletcher 15 Oct 2013 03:26
Loved in and out of my hands, made me laugh out loud
Derek R. Audette 30 Oct 2004 01:40
Hi Tom! I just wanted to say thanks for the kind comments that you left on my poetry page. I’ve read all of your above poems and enjoyed them immensely. Excellent work! Although, there are only 5 of them posted right now. I hope you have plans to Post a few more in the near future. Take care, and keep up the good work! -Derek