Im not much of a poet (too pretentious a title for one such as I) I just wright the odd poem and enjoy playing with words.
Hope you like.

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Tom Gibo Poems

Anon 3

I had a friend,
He had the bends,
Nitrous oxide stole his heart.
He was a woman... more »

Melancholy Wintertime Thoughts

Its cold outside and the fire
Crackles in the hearth, sends forth
Merry sparks to conceal you from
the dark.... more »

The Old Ways

''Who is the one with many eyes'' he asked
''That is Journo the sad one, do not stare too closely''
''and him whose skin is like a dark portal and mutters a language I know not of''
''Ah he is of the older ones and is as a mountain in height, he speaks the tongues of dead gods and is called Antero Vipunen''... more »

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