• An Experiment

    He wept and whined and waded and that anon,
    She whooped and jeered and spurned him on.
    He cried and lied but still could not find
    She cursed and beat and forced him on.... more »

  • Anon 1

    Burning pyres in shadowed woods,
    Shapes with horns and hooves and wings
    Scatter about,
    Darkness fights his eternal struggle,... more »

  • Anon 3

    I had a friend,
    He had the bends,
    Nitrous oxide stole his heart.
    He was a woman... more »

  • Anon 4

    Oh it's a rabbit who had a habit
    of popping LSD
    He ate the growing mushroom
    And threw up in my bed...room... more »

  • Anon 5

    I did not take it in my mind
    This rumour myself shall not bind
    I will fight and fly
    This internet lie.... more »

  • Anon 6

    Merrions wood try as it should
    Will get eaten up.
    Vast estates, puddles and crates
    Miose threateningly.... more »

  • Attempt At Dialect 1

    All pain it were gone, wi' jaded ol
    Up de tatty creak.... more »

  • Early Morning Hopes

    The bags under my eyes show that I care,
    They're not from sleepless nights but being aware,
    To see the morning rise oh so fair,
    I would gladly wake the night for sunshine flare.... more »

  • I Will Love You Till The Day I Die (Love Songs Of A Cancer Patient)

    We awake cushioned by the down of your quilt,
    A single eye shimmers by the moon.
    You turn and think thoughts so mindless
    Lick your lips,... more »

  • Little Inconsistencies And Non-Rhymes

    This urban hell, This ode to life
    A burning well is but strife
    A sulphurous ditch with inner daemons... more »

  • May-Time Hay-Time

    The month of May
    Sowing of hay
    After the plough
    Has left he's scars.... more »

  • Melancholy Wintertime Thoughts

    Its cold outside and the fire
    Crackles in the hearth, sends forth
    Merry sparks to conceal you from
    the dark.... more »

  • Mundane Repetitions

    Thinking of the sun
    And thinking on the run
    Its a silent whistle
    That stops your dog... more »

  • Prayer (Of A Kind)

    Think no more of me
    For with the birds I shall be free,
    And if my God is truer than yours (for your
    Sake I pray he is not)... more »

  • Slumber Song

    To sleep and to slumber,
    In a nice warn bed,
    To live but a dream and only be a head,
    To have no thoughts to have no wants... more »

  • Sonnet 2

    Take off that gold dress, you do not need it
    Do not try to improve what God will not,
    Would seraphim hide behind a veil?
    Would you dilute yourself to no end?... more »

  • The Old Ways

    ''Who is the one with many eyes'' he asked
    ''That is Journo the sad one, do not stare too closely''
    ''and him whose skin is like a dark portal and mutters a language I know not of''
    ''Ah he is of the older ones and is as a mountain in height, he speaks the tongues of dead gods and is called Antero Vipunen''... more »

  • The Truth

    Snow storms down,
    Gulls flap around,
    Homes tinted white.
    Tall pillars of strength loom out of... more »

  • The Wolf Brighton

    The wolf Brighton Carl Memorex
    Gurned chips and toast
    Burnt the most.
    Saw him last... more »

  • What Makes I

    What makes I, and what makes you and what makes us do what we do.
    Why don't I think like you and what makes you think like you do?

    What is it that I visit every time we share a look,... more »

  • Your View On Poetry

    Your mind is closed,
    Sealed to the truth
    The speech of others is to you but lies
    Poetry is truth, poetry is life.... more »