• A Colorful View

    A beautiful blue bird,
    Landed so softly on the redwood,
    Back, deck rail,
    A grayish body, with black, white, and blue markings,... more »

  • A Disease That Keeps Spreading

    I'll never understand why certain people can't be totally honest in our world today,
    it seems like a disease, that keeps spreading, in their every word, action, and way.

    Many are harmless, they won't hurt you or commit a crime,... more »

  • A Great Leader

    They are organized and outwardly confident in many ways,
    self-disciplined, very responsible in their duties and decisions every day.

    They are willing to show and not just tell you what to do,... more »

  • A Habit Or Routine

    What is the difference
    What's the difference,
    Between A habit & routine,
    Is A habit only A few,... more »

  • A Lost Special Friend

    A trusting honest person in this world today, always seems to get pushed aside, for thinking and caring for others and going out of their way.

    Someone who will come to help you late at night or early any day, with open arms of love we should never chase away.... more »

  • A Lover And A Friend

    It's hard to find an honest person in this world of today, to have a It's hard to find, an honest person this world today, true friend that loves you is worth more than anything in this life that will pass your way.

    Someone who cares no matter how you look or feel, always waiting with open arms, and when you are hunger, they will feed you a meal.... more »

  • A Memory In Your Mind...

    As I travel alone, for the rest of my day's,
    One thought, I will hold on to, in every way,
    Is why you had to leave,
    So often we are confused, during our stay.... more »

  • A Moment In This Life Of Mine

    Sitting in my office, armed with a pencil in my hand,
    I just feel like writing, now all I need is a plan.

    It's an early December evening, the temperature outside is cold,... more »

  • A One Of A Kind Planet

    A one of A kind planet,
    In A universe of space,
    The only one known,
    With life, the human race.... more »

  • A Part Of Life's Plan

    We are tested in life, in so many ways, and believe me the hardest, is when someone we love, journeys to their next life, always a cloudy day.

    Others will say they are sorry, and offer anything they can do, but no one can ever fill the hollow space, it leaves inside of you.... more »

  • A Picture Of Winter

    The winter cold has come our way,
    everything is covered with snow,
    on this sunny day.... more »

  • A Picture Perfect Day

    Floating on the water, as the boat makes a path, across the lake,
    the motor screams, as the prop spins up, a white water, wake.

    Watching the birds fly by, their fishing from the sky,... more »

  • A Poet Is Always Searching

    Expressing your thoughts, openly and loud, not being afraid of judgement, because you know the words are truthful and proud.

    Your thoughts are your beliefs, and emotions you feel, an honest person only says, what is positive, and real.... more »

  • A Real Friend

    When you call someone A friend, the thought should be true,
    One of the greatest relationships of all mankind,
    No one should ever come between you,
    Special emotions, together you feel,... more »

  • A Relaxing Beautiful Scene

    The sky is white and blue,
    Plants pushing through the ground,
    Squirrels running around,
    The plants, turning green,... more »

  • A Slow Torture

    The slow internal destruction of our country today
    Dividing, judging, labeling all of the people,
    Many in need, all because of personal greed.
    The belief of a better future, trust in your fellow man,... more »

  • A Small Piece Of A Large Puzzle

    As I travel through this life,
    Knowing it will not,
    Forever last,
    Often thinking of the future,... more »

  • A True Friend

    As we age in this life, we discover who our real friends are, the people who care about us, and not because of our house or a car.

    A true friend will volunteer to help, in our times of need, always has patience to listen and never shows any greed.... more »

  • A Universal Attitude Change

    It's not the same,
    The way it was created to be,
    How long will it last,
    Will there be future generations to see?... more »

  • A Warning With A Reason?

    We are living our life
    Borrowing this planet, during our time,
    we should be improving, our species, as people
    For the future, of mankind.... more »

  • After We Hear Are Last Sound

    This life will always bring us new adventures along the way,
    The only thing we can count on, is that it will come to an end one day.

    Answers and confusion, come and go all of the time,... more »

  • All Must Share & See

    Working with others,
    A part of life,
    That will always be
    Agreements, disagreements,... more »

  • All Of Us Were Born To Explore

    We are not here to judge anyone during our time,
    We never know the thoughts that travel through each other's minds.

    Some of us live through a life's worth of experiences, in a lot less days, than others, who gradually catch up along the way.... more »

  • All We Have Is Time

    All we have in this
    life is time,
    Everything else we borrow,
    Till the day we reach,... more »

  • Along With Time, It Will Change

    Dandelions blooming in January,
    A weed common to summer time,
    Our climate is changing,
    A thought in many minds.... more »