• Always An Excuse And Afraid To Start

    You have never felt, true love,
    So, you hide your confused heart,
    Keeping something else first,
    Always an excuse, and afraid to start.... more »

  • Always Ask Questions To Ease Your Mind

    If you could follow all of the thoughts in my mind, confusion would enter your life in a very short time.

    Always something new appearing from different ways, which ones should pass, and those that should stay.... more »

  • Always Be Ready To Chance Your Course

    No matter what your missions for any certain day may be, remember we are our own captain of our ship at sea.

    Sometimes everything's smooth we just flow with the day, then our thoughts start to turn dark, and we are doing a balancing act to stay above the waves.... more »

  • Always Confusion And Arguing

    Our country is separating, more all of the time,
    A country based on happiness, and freedom,
    Is now surveillance cameras, and no trespassing signs.... more »

  • Always Examine Each Thought

    Our life is an experience we live day by day,
    to learn and understand ourselves, in many different ways.

    We all have a choice, of what we do with our time,... more »

  • Always Leave Good Memories

    I can't name all of the people I have met in the past,
    everyone leaves memories good or bad that will last.

    Some I will visit with another day,... more »

  • Always Let Your Emotions Flow

    We can control almost any actions or thoughts that come into our life each day, the one thing we can never keep totally in line, is when our emotions come out to play.

    Many of people have wished that someone they knew would die, but as soon as it happened they were the first with a tear in their eye.... more »

  • Always Let Your Spirit Be Free

    She was A fun loving girl,
    That would brighten everyday,
    With eyes that would sparkle,
    And steal your heart away.... more »

  • Always Listen

    Always Listen

    We create our own ambitions,
    Convincing ourselves, what we would like to achieve,... more »

  • Always Listen To The Sixth

    Time moves on,
    Only future visions will see,
    If the voices being heard today,
    Are being honest with me.... more »

  • Always Playing Others

    The quickest way to make yourself go crazy is trying to fool your own mind, making up stories about others thinking you're never wrong at any time.

    Starting all kinds of confusion then sending the blame the other way, thinking you're always right avoiding the truth every day.... more »

  • Always Remember Who Cut The Cards

    Negative talk & controlling minds,
    While flaunting, greedy signs,
    Will only create future binds.... more »

  • Always Think For A Moment

    As our journey, moves forward,
    Towards the end of this life,
    Counting years passing by,
    We will often look back,... more »

  • Always Think Positive

    If you practice something every day, you will get better,and the way we train our mind to think works the same way.

    If you always think of the worst things that could happen allof the time, you will always have negative thoughts in your mind.... more »

  • Always Thinking You Have Control

    You often take so long,
    to make decisions in your mind,
    assuming you can have what you want, anytime.
    always thinking you have control,... more »

  • Always Try To Keep Your Spirits High

    I remember when I was young, their where five of us and I was the youngest one.

    We went to church and ate three good meals every day, my parents did their best to raise us in a proper way.... more »

  • Always Wonder Why

    We all love a day,
    When the bright sun shines,
    We all have a past,
    Were glad we left behind,... more »

  • America Is Getting Faster Everyday

    The pace of life in America, is getting faster every day,
    everyone has lack of patience, and wants everything, out of their way.

    The roads have become raceways, most of the time,... more »

  • An Angel In Life For You

    I've told you many times, I think I am an angel on earth to you, I always come to your aid, get you back on your way, and never hear a word, till you have another deed for me to do.

    I've been your excuse countless time's, anyone else would hate you, forever, I always forgive in an instant it's behind.... more »

  • Another Dream Drifts Away

    Another dream, I watch drift away,
    They are like clouds, arriving in our life,
    Never knowing, how long they will stay.
    Many we never recognize, when they are here... more »

  • Another Lonely Night

    As I lay alone, in bed at night,
    I wish you were here, to hold me tight,

    Feeling your warmth, and those kisses so sweet,... more »

  • Appreciate Your Basic Needs

    There are people in the U.S., A. that think their life is so bad, if they had to move to the other side of the world, they would appreciate everything they ever had.

    In this country everything is taken for granted everyday, most people could not imagine living in a grass hut, and that's their life long home to stay.... more »

  • Are You An Addict? ?

    When i hear about someone with an addiction, television is the first,
    Thought that comes into my mind, everyone that watches, is into,
    Negative news, sex, and violent crimes.... more »

  • Are You Getting Old?

    Your getting old, when you have two choices to go out, in front of you
    The decision is made by, which one will get you home earlier,
    from what you do.... more »

  • Are You Truly Happy Today

    Looking for changes, to come my way,
    Staring out my window today,
    Thinking, all the parts I've played,
    Chasing sour dreams, I never found,... more »