• Arguing From The Heart

    It's been a year, and a half,
    since my mom passed away,
    I'm the last of the family,
    to wait, for my final day.... more »

  • As I Begin To Relax And Stare

    As I look at the evening sky,
    Past the canopy of the maple trees,
    Countless stars,
    reflecting the light of the sun,... more »

  • As I Relax In My Chair

    I look out my window such a peaceful scene,
    the plants have grown their leaves,
    the dominant color is green.
    A light rain is falling,... more »

  • As Memories We Will Always Stay

    It's been thirty years, since we saw each other every day,
    We can't go back and relive those times, as memories they will stay.

    Time has changed us, in many different ways,... more »

  • Bad News

    The news media has taken all the modern day heroes away, When ever everyone starts to look up at someone, they dig for the worst and print it over and over everyday.

    Bad news, has changed our society, thinking, in so many ways, you don't hear, stories about or presidents today, like the ones about honest Abe.... more »

  • Be Creative

    Everyone has creative talents, and we are in this world for different reasons, it's up to us to bring them to life, before the end of our season.

    No one is ever to old, or doesn't have enough time, to explore the ideas, you hold in your mind.... more »

  • Be Happier On Your Way

    To some people life is hard, and others seem to have it made,
    for the most part we create the situations, we live through every day.

    Where you were born, and what you learned along the way,... more »

  • Be Honest And Make Things Right

    I was told a story not too long ago, about someone starting their life another time, for them it's only one of many, I remember in my mind.

    Never having to many bags, they can't count how much they lost over time,
    searching again for someone, to pick them up out of their bind.... more »

  • Beautiful Things You Love In This Life

    Such a beautiful scene, as I look out my window,
    Everything so peaceful, not even a echo.

    The dominate color is white from the years first snow,... more »

  • Before Our Time Drifts Away

    It rained all night, now the creek carries the water away,
    just like our lives, the good times come, they never stay.

    I can see the high water marks, looking out my window today,... more »

  • Believe

    We all have to BELIEVE,
    During our life, this time,
    Everyone makes different choices,
    We often change in our minds.... more »

  • Believe To Receive

    It's not always easy,
    To catch the signs,
    The spirits, send by,
    If you always, look,... more »

  • Books On Shelves…

    Books on shelves,
    Knowledge from someone's mind,
    Ideas, purpose, or reason,
    Words from A moment in time,... more »

  • Bring Your Dreams To Life

    As our journey in this life, moves near two thousand and four, we can only imagine our future, and what the new year will have in store.

    It's up to each of us to make the most out of every day, challenge your weaknesses, and be confident in every way.
    Take a look and reach out of your routine, each and every day, there is so much on this earth to share, learn, and explore, during our short stay.... more »

  • Center Earth

    Destroying the center core,
    Putting more weight on the surface, buildings, roads,
    That supports all
    Never listening to the changing warnings, calls,... more »

  • Changing Heaven To Hell

    Most of us have heard stories, of heaven, and hell,
    Most rumors, place them A distance apart, in separate ways,
    Are they both apart of this planet, we create the imaginary,
    Places far away.... more »

  • Changingidentity

    I made it to my 60's still doing ok,
    Changing identity, another time, along the way.
    Who you are, is what you actually do every day,
    The natural habits, you automatically sway to,... more »

  • Chasing The Uncertain

    You can search this earth, looking for what you vision to find,
    never realizing, life is not always what you picture in your mind.

    We all have A purpose, with limited days, often realizing certain things we always avoided,... more »

  • Children Follow Their Role Models

    We often hear in conversations how children are today, parents and teachers tell them to act in A different way,
    they learn from examples, not from the words people say.

    Telling them to be good, kind to others, and share every day, that morals, respect, and values, will advance them in future days,... more »

  • Confidence / Attitude

    When we are young, we have confidence,
    Looking at life, as an open door,
    Even if we strike out, we're willing,
    To get up and bat some more.... more »

  • Confusing Stories

    No one is totally satisfied,
    All of the time,
    Frightened by endless obstructions,
    Within their mind.... more »

  • Confusion Strength & Knowledge

    Most people just follow, the thinking and directions of others,
    as they, try to find themselves,
    During their passing, through this life of days,
    Afraid of one of the hardest challenges, we have, stepping out, being different, than those around us, and their ways.... more »

  • Days And Time

    The time on our clocks, an idea created, by man,
    it useful to track our past, along with creating future plans.

    The years of our lives, our just numbers in time,... more »

  • Deja Vu

    Have I been here before,it all seems like a dream, I can remember the sounds, and describe the scene.

    Is it a day dream i remember, or a memory from one at night,
    or someone's energy, I received one time, as quick, as a flash,... more »

  • Discover Who You Are

    Where would we be in this journey,
    On this earth, during our given time,
    If more people found their purpose,
    Releasing, positive from their mind,... more »