• A Humble Mumble

    </>Pebbles in my path
    stubbles on my chin
    mindsets i cannot change
    keep me on a stumble... more »

  • Anna's Gopher

    anna i truly
    would not presume
    to be altruistic
    but a wish is a desire... more »

  • Cool Confidence

    gentle breeze blowing low
    where have you been
    the flowers are asleep
    and so are the birds... more »

  • Fallen Leaves

    In the silence of the forest
    once upon a time
    a tree put out a few green leaves
    soft as soft and green as green... more »

  • Fine Vision

    </>its nice if you know
    where you want to go
    i always wish i did
    i mean know where to go... more »

  • Friends

    a time we shared
    when we all smiled awhile
    an' grinned at each other
    o'er the things we did... more »

  • I Loved Her So

    she was a porcelain beauty
    whiter than the whitest snow
    clearer than the clearest stream
    sweeter than the sweetest cream... more »

  • I'D Rather Forget

    the sad face of truth
    is a bitter pill to swallow
    oft it's something i avoid
    rather'n face by myself... more »

  • Love Divine

    Oh Love Divine!
    Truth everlasting,
    Light of my life and Friend for eternity
    give me your Grace... more »

  • Love Road

    A time is coming,  
    Not too far ahead 
    Sooner than I thought it would
    When I'll have to meet my maker within... more »

  • Mosquitos, Wine And Summer

    Under the wet tree
    I sat and pondered
    The mysteries of life
    Flashed before my eyes... more »

  • Rush

    as i was writing
    i felt a little blow
    something seemed to show
    a little bit too slow... more »

  • Speedy Winds

    There is a dusty summer coming up
    I can smell it in the air
    the powders have begun to settle
    the leaves are beginning to gray... more »

  • Tailing Tale

    in the garden of the east
    i saw the pink fairy fly
    sparkling trails i saw her leave
    as i've seen in picture books... more »

  • Time

    Time flies on wings
    Gliding high above
    in your every dream
    Flashing down the valley... more »

  • Tribulations

    Walking hand in hand
    Waiting by my side
    She waltzed alongside
    While I pondered... more »

  • Uh Oh!

    'Can I get you something? '
    'What? '
    'What what? '... more »

  • Unacrimonius

    Whence by far
    Be it my time
    I await here alone
    What I wait for... more »

  • Waiting

    the waiting game has begun
    i've been into it a while now
    in fact a whole lot of my life
    been done doing this waiting... more »

  • Wannabe

    if you wannabe a wannabe
    you then gotta
    wannabe a wannabe... more »