• And Yeah

    Check your pulse to assure yourself that you are indeed alive and be ready
    I’m willing to sell addiction
    If the price is right
    Instead of crawling on my hands and knees... more »

  • Comprehensive Concealment

    I turn and look at you
    And I speak my peace, urging you to leave all you secondary notions at the doors
    Patiently waiting at the turn style for some pne who I know will never show up
    Because he is already here... more »

  • Equanimity

    Blinded by iniquity
    Being guided by unexplainable certitude
    I can’t predict where the pieces will fall
    But I will remember where they stood in the sky... more »

  • Masquerade

    When I was sitting in my desk listening to this professor speak
    He went on to state that our destines are already pre-written before we are born
    That the road we travel has been built previous to our conception
    I find this to be false!... more »

  • My Just Conviction

    Shoot me up
    And beat me down
    For my crimes
    Against what we once called love... more »

  • On My Way To Allendale

    Roll down slowly on the back of the night
    Doesn’t feel right
    On the turnpike... more »

  • On Your Mark

    Water the lawn so it won’t die
    Passed out in the dandelions
    Compose yourself and blaze a trail
    Splatter it on the easel... more »

  • Sai Lai Lufti De Santra Megido

    A beam of swirling light in the heart of the city... more »

  • Spring Time Rains

    Spring time rains come hard this season
    Fell out of love don’t pity me
    So I was sold, the woman’s treason
    Her vengeful scorn she’ll never let me be... more »

  • Spurious Czars

    My eyes have never had the opportunity to even glare at diamonds.
    I’ve never had the experience of tasting water from the cup of life.
    The shame of my current status, in a suburban purgatory; where all the houses look the same.
    And the town is slowly decaying.... more »

  • Standing On The Edge Of The Outer Recesses Of Reality

    I took a vacation from myself
    And my standard personality
    My vices and virtues left behind
    I became someone new... more »

  • The Experience Of A Mental Breakdown

    Covert vitality of Armageddon Restricted by rebirth unsavory erotic politicians
    Calling the number with nothing to say “You came here to see something else”
    Tell the truth
    As the stage collapses... more »

  • The Universal Deadline

    You need to climb to the highest height
    Or stay up till the end of night
    Or fight an endless fight... more »

  • Wildwood Dreams

    In our bright winter’s morning, I drive up the road
    Wipers brushing off the leftover flakes
    The heat melting the snowy excess
    In a flashback I remember the warm sand between my toes... more »