• A Movie Of Love (T)

    Our love made us a movie bout’ two beautiful roses
    with strenght and thorns, to protect each other
    people will bleed if they’ll try to invervene
    we thought, until separated by the cutter... more »

  • Awakening Of Wings (T)

    As the cold whispers to your face
    That you’ll soon be my dying bride
    You don’t reveal the river has dried
    The frozen tears are deep inside... more »

  • Edge Of Life (T)

    Walking on a road
    towards the edge of life
    hollow eyes stares at me
    with blood droplets on their lips... more »

  • Fireworks (T)

    Firework's burned out, so did their kiss
    they forgot love, began to hide
    from each other, in eternal confusion
    the reign of the unbreakable legacy... more »

  • Flying Splinters Of Chrome (T)

    The alcohol in your blood told you to be cool
    So you left your protection goggles at home
    Shining as a jewel, you broke the home rule
    You never saw the flying splinters of chrome... more »

  • Searching Another Dimension (T)

    The chorus of the woods get's louder
    by every single step
    to run is not an option
    but the fall is available... more »

  • Temporary Peace (T)

    You bring me temporary peace
    With your heart-rending song of the yearning
    Seize the day, the pain just cease
    For every tune, my heart is learning.... more »

  • The Bleeding Believe (T)

    The likes and dislikes of god’s symphatise
    Explains the word; dissimilarities in cultures
    The bleeding believe of a disenchanting eve
    Ruined by the day the pillars broke the sculptures... more »

  • Utopia (T)

    Look yourself up
    what’s gone is gone.
    The part of you... more »

  • Walking Wastelands (T)

    Non excistence happiness
    is burning unreturned desire
    I sent as a present for you
    while I was walking wastelands... more »

  • We Are Free (T)

    A glistening tear smiling, ready to say goodbye
    leaving towards a better place, than the fall of my eye
    growing weaker each day, lost and sinking into oceans
    the fragile tear needs to float, somewhere else... more »