i love lfe
i can't complain
i got god in my soul

fuck dem who hate me
and trust me there is many who don't like me
so to dem, fuck you
to that girl
i love you


Tony Avila Poems

I Love You More Than Me ****

i give rejoce to you when i hear your voice
i think anout you a lot when i think about you smile
i know i got it bad for because i go out with other chicks i still think about you
maybe oneday you'll me my wiz... more »

I Know This Feeling 2005

I Know This Feeling 2005
i've been thinking about you lately

nice lips how i wished that they touched mines... more »

Today (7-17-2005)

making a mockary of what used to be
holdin the plans unfolded
there he goes
where?... more »

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