• A Thought On You

    can't get the thought of you and me out my head
    seeing the imajinary visions of me and you through our young age
    can't compehend why it had to end
    offended in so many degrees... more »

  • Change

    this is to my moms
    i love you baby
    i risked to loose it all
    got out the game... more »

  • Freestyle

    Breeze from trees
    Cut open coldcuts
    Forget d's and rookies
    Hearing stupid lines to get the nookie... more »

  • Freestyle# 2

    dreaming of makin a mil when i begin to record
    dreams of living my life like a king
    being around for a minute though i feel i am going to make it
    true balance of the society we all live in... more »

  • I Can'T Say

    I think i'm in love
    I think she's the one
    I can't stop thinking about you
    I see your face when I close my eyes... more »

  • I Don'T Got You

    I cried myself to sleep
    No one else matters but you
    My heart hurts with a passion
    I tried laughing but I end up thinking about you... more »

  • I Know This Feeling 2005

    I Know This Feeling 2005
    i've been thinking about you lately

    nice lips how i wished that they touched mines... more »

  • I Love You More Than Me ****

    i give rejoce to you when i hear your voice
    i think anout you a lot when i think about you smile
    i know i got it bad for because i go out with other chicks i still think about you
    maybe oneday you'll me my wiz... more »

  • Kira

    traces of being discovered by another Lover or friend
    treating one another with mutual respect that can't disenffect
    finding yourself before you loose yourself
    i got your back through thick and thin... more »

  • Lost Emotions

    she caught me by surprise
    i was drawn to her eyes
    her lips had me mezmorized
    full of excitement... more »

  • My Little One

    i look at you when i close my eyes
    stay in disguise
    get upset when you tell me niggaz hurt you
    things that the mind stir up... more »

  • Other Onez Including Little One And Me (2005) 7-9-2005

    i know something you don't know
    my flow should be banned from these streets
    you feel incomplete without me
    i miss you strongly at times compare to other times... more »

  • Struggle

    I feel that the world moves at a fast pace
    I got nowhere to go
    I loose myself control
    In the passion of money some friends go... more »

  • The Truth

    i got my mind set to your exposure
    flowing with demented thoughts
    enter my mind
    i need to get high... more »

  • Thining About Whom

    graduale thoughts in my inner circle
    conscience so brave, blow up my science when i use my brain
    reck what ever comes at my direction
    preasure in my book of rhymes... more »

  • Today (7-17-2005)

    making a mockary of what used to be
    holdin the plans unfolded
    there he goes
    where?... more »

  • Today Then What Is Tomorrow

    Voices in my head I ignored
    No hope for this filthy world
    Queer as the word may sound it's what we live
    Prison in my mind and my body is enable to function right... more »

  • Tony

    you see i made it this far
    luxary i desire but i really don't need
    money inflated in my pockets
    i just want to learn and say have a good day... more »