• Army Of Poets

    I, among this Army of Poets!
    Millions. Fragile and exhausted.
    Armed only with wit and words.
    Bodies and Souls in these trenches... more »

  • Cento

    I heard
    The dead
    When the wind
    Cut apart the heat... more »

  • Earth

    Gaia, I apologize!
    I cannot explain why little boys bully and burn ants with lenses,
    but are always perfect gentlemen to ladybugs.
    I cannot explain why alcohol in a man is like wind in a tree.... more »

  • Estreita

    Your lips are like knives against my neck
    And though hate seems like a suitable reciprocation
    I find it all impossible
    Instead I get lost in this jungle of thought... more »

  • Gills In My Mind

    Words passing through the gills in my mind
    Like a sieve it selects some and leaves others
    As I inhale the world I feel my heart rate climb... more »

  • Marriage

    Like vines, our gnarling wandering branches
    Will find one another and take hold
    For most, the sun seems so desirable
    But I would rather reach toward you... more »

  • Memoies

    The rickety sound of a playing card
    King of Hearts
    Continuously flutters against the spokes of a wheel
    That isn’t there... more »

  • On The Edge

    ... more »

  • Riot

    You will be trampled under black combat boots,
    Your face pinned up and bloodied against concrete walls
    As you leave your crimson mark on the world.
    You will be intimidated by guns, bats, shields and gasses.... more »

  • Sailor

    A sailor’s wounds never heal.
    Bloody lacerations
    Become leathery scars
    As boy turns to man... more »

  • The Clock

    Indifferent to both urgency and idleness
    the clock counts on and on and on
    mocking my lack of productivity
    minute by minute, hour by hour... more »

  • Trees

    Intricate arms
    With armored skin
    And delicate receptors
    At the ends... more »

  • Untitled

    My skin is becoming cold and damp
    A painful pulse in my eyes is
    Bouncing off the inside of the back of my skull
    And all voices echo... more »

  • Who Are You?

    I don’t even know who you are anymore
    In a strangely angled picture beneath a pseudonym
    You digitally enhance the vibrancy of the colors
    Compromising authenticity for “something more”... more »