• A Child's Message To The World

    One day I sat on Santa's knee,
    And he asked me what I'd like
    If perhaps I wanted football boots,
    Or a brand-new two-wheeled bike,... more »

  • A Kiss For Mum

    There should have been dancing
    And hugging, with twirls
    The day that you blessed us
    With a precious baby girl... more »

  • Boys Playing Chess On The Pavement

    Two armies meet upon the street,
    And there the balance hangs,
    'Better to win the day with our minds,
    Than to lose our lives in gangs ”... more »

  • For You

    No journey would be too long,
    No effort would be too great,
    No call would go unheard,
    No sadness would remain uncomforted,... more »

  • Forging A Link

    There's no excuse that I can make,
    I knew it wasn't right,
    I shouldn't have let temptation,
    Wreck my youthful life,... more »

  • Great Expectations

    She rode it through the city street,
    In a mask to fight the smog,
    Slower than a motor car,
    But faster than policeman plod.... more »

  • 'Memphis Belle'

    How well she "flew" did "Memphis Belle",
    Okay, her carriage was shot,
    Her ageing back had quite a crack,
    That pained her such a lot,... more »

  • Our Good Shepherd

    She arrived as such a cuddly pup,
    From the smallholding where we picked her up,
    And took her home in our little car,
    In which she was sick though it wasn't far,... more »

  • Runway Lights

    Those lights aren't just there for comfort,
    Or the sign there is safety ahead,
    A beacon for the end of a journey,
    Putting all kinds of duties to rest... more »

  • Spare The Rod

    Pain can be felt in so many ways,
    Through shattered bones and troubled days,
    But the pain of lost love,
    As if not enough... more »

  • Spiritual Revival

    Would that I could walk with you,
    Along some distant seashore,
    Leaving only footprints
    To mark our passing... more »

  • The Awakening

    Her birth was long awaited,
    This little girl called Shelley,
    Who kicked and rolled and squirmed about,
    Before departing mummy's belly,... more »

  • The Wasp

    A curious and thirsty wasp,
    So sadly to relate,
    Happened by my woodland hut
    And made a big mistake,... more »

  • Toddlers Holding Hands On The Seashore

    'What's out there, Jack, across the sea,
    Is there a place for you and me?
    'And will you stay close Jack. as we swim,
    In case we see those fish with a fin?... more »

  • Toddlers Wrestling With A Tyre

    'This tyre is round, Just like the earth,
    'We'll put it on a bike.
    'And when we get a bit older, perhaps,
    'We'll go look at the world, if you like. ”... more »

  • Transcending

    The spirit asked if I would share my dreams
    And she lifted me into the clouds
    Through the tumult of chaos we passed
    Leaving anger and dispute in shrouds... more »

  • Walk At Sunset

    I walked wth you on virgin sand,
    The power of the sea becalmed,
    We wandered through a hundred dreams,
    My mind so deeply charmed.... more »

  • What Eats You

    The quicksand of love is the deepest I know,
    Since the Apple and Adam it sucks us in slow
    And once in its grip we may struggle and shout
    But emotions entrap and we’ll never climb out.... more »