• All I Want

    she knows just how to tease
    but never does she please
    i gave up thinking she cared
    the thoughts i can not bear... more »

  • Blur

    i found a way out
    dug down deep
    a taste of happyness no dout
    the feeling of noone is fading... more »

  • Can Never

    How could you walk away from my side
    how could say its not worth a try
    how could not care when i cry
    did it even matter when i felt i wanted to die... more »

  • Cold

    the cold brezze seeps in
    ask me to stay
    i repliy that i can not
    i must be on my way... more »

  • Come Back

    dont know why i always come back to you
    guess i just want something
    better than nothing
    i think it might be differnt this time... more »

  • Everyone, And Myself

    today is a new day
    a new start
    clean and bright
    all shiny and new... more »

  • First Time

    i live life in solitude
    get on craigslist for a prostuite
    comes on over
    and ask her for her favorite tune... more »

  • Hangover

    dont remeber
    try to
    but memory is not quite clear... more »

  • If Only

    those cold nights
    these lonley days
    if only i knew... more »

  • If, It's Ok

    You always wanted something to shine apon... more »

  • L.

    i have something
    others only dream about
    something that you can not doubt... more »

  • Like You

    didnt want to hide anymore
    finaly found what i had been looking for
    told her everything that was on my mind
    the respiose i gotten was not too kind... more »

  • Lost

    the hardist thing in life
    is finding yourself
    over coming this personal hell
    peeling away the empty shell... more »

  • Man Made

    All this man made weather
    telling me ill never be good enough
    untill i buy all their expecive stuff... more »

  • Midnight

    endless nights lead to a never ending midnight
    all i want is forgiveness of all the wrong i have done
    looking at myself and all the shit that has brought me here
    day after day i hope and wish for one good day... more »

  • Modern Day Poet

    deep thinker
    heavy drinker
    soft spoken
    heart broken... more »

  • Need

    dont know what im going to do
    when all i want is to be with you
    i know its wrong
    when you still love him strong... more »

  • Never

    Dont coming runing to me when there is no one to plam
    So mad at the world cant even remember my name
    please come and show me how you want it to be
    just lock me up and throw away the key... more »

  • Night Sky

    rain drops hit the tin roof
    telling me its time to move
    wet soggy ground
    muddy shoe print... more »

  • Observe

    teaching myself not to assume
    learning to sit back and observe
    holding back my fears that consume
    understanding life is hard... more »

  • Once

    I once fell in love
    i knew of the outcome
    but i did it anyways
    thought i knew the world... more »

  • Over

    how can i learn to trust again
    betrayed by another friend
    lost and alone
    once again on my own... more »

  • Paper Cuts

    its hurts so bad sometimes
    makes me want to break down
    so numb cant even cry
    the things that made me happy... more »

  • Realization

    guess i was wrong
    i always am
    some how i knew this wouldnt go on... more »

  • Smile

    the sea tides come in
    the wind blows cold
    my thoughts of you spin
    threw this pain i will hold... more »