Tony Hoagland Comments (8)

Deceptively simple poems. Lovely stuff. For those who think this isn't poetry, they need to be very still and let every thing come in.
His words capture some things I can never articulate. They ring so true, I can feel them beating in the eye of my heart. It is a comfort to read Tony's poems and feel the breath of them speak.
I have seldom read a body of poetry that has such power to reach into daily life and produce an epic. I will miss him.
Sorry, but this poetry is not poetry! It's just a bunch of thoughts spilled onto paper.
Very impressive modern poet
I discovered Tony Hoagland on the pages of The New Yorker and have fallen in love with his poetry. He's bracing—and wonderful!
This guy is really DOPE
Enjoyed 'Jet'. Mr. Hoagland, did you serve in the USAF?