• 1 Night Stand

    I remember I toked you home, I wanted you in my room
    you were not too big or small, but the room felt spacest with you
    like there was a need for some thing else
    but what? And I know I have to paid for anything good... more »

  • Introduction Of A Writer

    Open up your eye and you can see
    from my writing you can see me
    and who I am
    some time I fall for the lie of money... more »

  • It's Just Me, Not Him Or Her

    You can't copy but you like the title kid
    I just hope everybody understand what I just said
    you can like but don't copy... more »

  • This Is For Me And You.

    We all have dreams, let make them real
    to be successful in life you gonna have to fail
    open your mind to many road of success
    and what ever you do, aim to be the best... more »