• A Hug

    A Hug
    When you are feeling quite sad, and not at your best,
    When life’s crazy lanes, are giving you a real test.
    There one thing that’s sure, to put a big smile on your face,... more »

  • An Ode To A Snail

    I saw a snail this morning,
    I bet he never knew,... more »

  • An Ode To A Spider.

    An ode to a spider (after wrecking his web)

    I lifted up a plant pot,
    And there he was, my little mate.... more »

  • Birdsong


    Bird song, to the left,... more »

  • Cat (Killed By The Side Of The Rd)

    Cat. (cat killed by the side of the rd)

    I see you at the side of the road, as if asleep,
    But I fear from this cat nap there is no end.... more »

  • Colluseum

    The Colosseum

    Fifty thousand Romans,
    Shouting, roaring, more.... more »

  • Facebook Slave

    We are your slaves, we need to see. we need to tell you that we had a pee.
    No more friends, for chats and talks, no more dogs, getting took for walks.... more »

  • Fire


    I sit and stare at my fire in the hearth.... more »

  • Half Written Poems.

    Half Written Poems.

    They lie about, half finished, like flapping fish, taken from the sea, gasping for oxygen. Half alive, half dead, I visit them at times, and tantalise them, with a word or a line. Then leave again, its cruel really, they didn’t ask, to be born. They hide in old books, phones, computers, scraps of paper.... more »

  • I Killed You With A Text..

    I killed you with a text.

    That morning you were in a rush.... more »

  • I Swallowed A Fly

    I Swallowed a Fly.... more »

  • I Would Bring You The Sun

    I Would Bring You The Sun... more »

  • Moon

    The Moon.

    She sits up in the blackest sky,
    The tidal changer, the unblinking eye.... more »

  • Mum (I Can Remember)

    Mum. (I can remember)

    I can remember….... more »

  • My Goldfish Frank

    Saturday 25 05 2013

    My Goldfish Frank.... more »

  • My Morning Canal Walk

    My Canal Walk…(Leeds to Liverpool)

    You gracefully wind yourself along, like some blue speckled snake,
    A welcome home to water birds, like ducks and swans you make.... more »

  • My Vampire Brother.

    My Vampire brother.

    I can’t believe you sleep all day,
    I think it’s really rude.... more »

  • My Walk To Work

    My Walk to Work.

    Outside the paint flaked door,
    Discarded cans, and broken bottles lie.... more »

  • Our Love

    Our Love... more »

  • Playground.

    A place for the kiddies,
    It had swings and a slide.
    It had a roundabout too,
    And places to hide.... more »

  • Stephen.


    Please forgive me Stephen, I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
    I didn’t mean to leave you, don’t think I didn’t care.... more »

  • The Boston Bomber.

    The Boston Bomb. (The runner trains alongside the bomber)

    Training to one day complete the race,
    Training to keep up a steady pace.... more »

  • The Empty Chair

    The empty chair reminds me of how cruel life can be.
    The empty chair reminds me of how joyous life once was.
    It reminds me of how life once tasted sweet.
    And how it can become so bitter.... more »

  • The Hanging Tree

    The Hanging Tree…

    The date is set, now I know my destiny, to dangle beneath the hanging tree. My one true love will be waiting for me, waiting beneath the hanging tree.... more »

  • The Haunter

    The Haunter.

    No more flesh,... more »