• 4ever

    we've been together through thick and thin
    were almost the closest of kin
    i know your laugh and your smile
    to see you i'd walk a mile... more »

  • A Broken Friendship

    thought she was my best friend
    The best one I've ever had
    Instead I found out the truth
    And what I learned was sad.... more »

  • A Chance

    ... more »

  • A Person

    I look in the mirror and I see,
    A person who never stops crying
    A person that is not me
    A person that hurts... more »

  • All For A Reason

    used to think of what would happen if I did this or that
    or what if I was here or there
    all the time I wanted to know
    although I dnt need to know... more »

  • As I Watch

    ... more »

  • Bestfriend

    ... more »

  • Changes


    'Friends forever, ' you promised.
    'Together till the end.'... more »

  • Cry

    Tell Me Why?
    Each Night,... more »

  • Do They Care?

    Hard troubles float to the top,
    And backstabbing friends won't stop,
    Boyfriends treat you like a prize,
    When all you do is let out helpless cries,... more »

  • Feelings

    Here i lay in my bed
    So many thoughts running through my head

    Im thinking of you... more »

  • First Time

    from the first time that i met you,
    you saw me, the real me.
    And from that moment on,
    i knew that we were meant to be.... more »

  • Free

    i've got something to say
    let me go my own way
    i might lose it all
    but let me fall... more »

  • Friends Number 2

    Of all the friends I've ever met,
    You're the one I won't forget.
    And if I die
    Before you do... more »

  • Girlz For Life.

    ... more »

  • Giving Up

    I'm giving up on loving
    you I cant take the pain you've put me through
    Deep down I know the feelings are always there
    Maybe someday you will care... more »

  • Going Away

    ... more »

  • Gone

    In a flash
    You were gone.
    I still rememeber what was on your tounge.
    On your tounge,... more »

  • Goodbye

    you told me you loved me
    you told me you care
    You told me you need me
    You told me I was the one... more »

  • Growin Up.

    If only you could know that growing up means letting go, maybe then you'd grow up by yourself.
    I'm growin up again..
    I'm learning to accept that all good things must come to an end...
    I'm growing up again....... more »

  • Have You Ever....

    have u ever felt like a blank nothing at all?
    experienced mental agony and pain?
    endured a hard, grueling fall?
    have you ever lost every shred of hope?... more »

  • Hidden Angel

    I see you everyday and watch as you go by
    I hope maybe today you will say hi
    I keep you close when danger is near
    I protect you from the monsters and from your fear... more »

  • I Am

    I am the voice you hear all around,
    I am the voice that's there when you're alone.
    I'm that voice that will never leave you,
    Even when you think all hope is gone.... more »

  • I Miss You

    ... more »

  • I Need A Hug.

    Its Dark Where I Am
    And I Cannot Find The Light.
    There Are Shadows Around Me
    And Muh Heart Is Full Of Fright.... more »