• African Princess

    my skin has been kissed by the African sun
    my feet have walked the African soil
    the movement of my hips tell my story
    the flash of my smile makes you forget your worry... more »

  • Am I Really

    everywhere i go
    people ask me the same thing
    are you really
    for a while i did'nt understand... more »

  • Be Free

    ever wondered how it would feel
    if you can just let your feelings flow
    ever wondered what you could see
    if you could let your imagination go... more »

  • Demons

    release me from this prison
    unlock my heart from this hell hole
    my demons are after me
    i seem to have lost control... more »

  • Don'T Ever Stop

    don't ever stop
    the way you touch me
    coz you've got the softest touch
    don't ever stop... more »

  • Don'T Love You No More

    we had time together
    my love now belong to another
    my past i won't forget
    it will always be there with me... more »

  • Freedom

    country as free as a bird
    born in a free world
    you would think i have it all
    you would think im also free... more »

  • Heartache, Headache, Misery And Suicide

    do you know what it feels like
    to be excluded from the rest
    having no clue where to go next
    ever felt so desparate to belong... more »

  • Hope

    screaming so loud
    but no-one is hearing
    the screams are more than a sound
    they are a cry for help... more »

  • I Guess

    ever since i was a little girl
    i lived in this fairy tale land
    a land far away from the real one
    i thought love was forever pleasant... more »

  • I Guess Im Not A Poet

    many poets i hear write about
    the grass growing
    the sky being blue
    the rain falling down slowly on the windowpane... more »

  • If I Should Die

    if i should die now without apologizing to the people i love
    that i have hurt in my life
    would my soul be free
    if i should vanish into the face of the earth... more »

  • Maybe I Dont Love You

    ... more »

  • Mind Of A Scorpio

    Inside I’m sensitive and emotional
    But many times I seem to be scared of no-one
    I always hang on to the past with everything g I have
    And in the process I always lose my nerve... more »

  • Murderer

    thoughts of you running through my mind
    confusion clouds my thinking
    thoughts of deception are attacking
    suicide keeps ringing in my head... more »

  • Never

    i never knew what it is
    becoz i never felt it
    i never shared it with anyone
    becoz i was too scared... more »

  • No Longer A Joy Ride

    Sometimes people do things to you that you don’t understand
    Sometimes people make you feel stupid when they do these things... more »

  • Not Like I Love You

    the smell of yourskin stays with me
    your wodrs to me achoes in my head
    my skin feels the sensation of your touch
    when i think about how you kiss my neck i blush... more »

  • Sometimes

    sometimes i watch myself watching you
    i don't know how i do it
    it comes naturally as a heart beat
    sometimes i catch you watching me... more »

  • The Naked Truth

    my heart my soul my being
    have tried to reason with you
    tried to spare me of such feelings
    feelings that never go away... more »

  • Untittled

    i just can't do anything right
    everything i touch turns into stone
    people stay away from me
    i'm cursed with a dark disease... more »

  • What Im Not Saying

    i don't know anymore
    my life is like a broken compass
    i can not find my way
    im like a bird without wings... more »

  • Which Color Am I? (Know Your Color)

    which color am i lord?
    answer me and feel this void
    my color comes with so many shades
    and make it difficult to choose... more »

  • Wishing

    life filled with words unsaid
    dreams threatning to be forgotten
    wishing to go back in time
    wanting to go back to yesterday... more »

  • Writingz On The Wall

    Walk slowly.... more »