• Finally Gone

    I’m wide awake, waiting by the phone again
    The familiar paranoia slowly creeping in
    Where are you right now?
    Oh, why aren’t you here right now?... more »

  • Forever

    The oceans rage within my heart
    For another day we must spend apart
    We belong side by side like sand and the sea
    Yet you are not here with your arms closed around me... more »

  • How?

    How do I tell you about my life?
    When I haven't fully come to terms with it myself
    How do I tell you what is wrong with me?
    When I am not for sure, either... more »

  • Nature Is Life

    My slender feet graze the blades of grass
    As my body moves with the wind, forward and back
    The humble trees whisper a sweet, melodic song
    To let me know I was missed and I've been away for too long... more »

  • Thank You

    Thank you for loving me
    Even though you did not show it often
    Thank you for playing silly games with me
    Because I always wanted to be around you... more »

  • The Master Puppeteer

    We met by random circumstances
    And at once, I was intrigued by you
    The way you always would have an opinion, but evidence to back it up
    You were always able to make me laugh... more »

  • Words Of Love

    I stood on the edge of insanity to search
    for myself, my wasted years, and you
    None of these things I can find
    My heart sinks lower once again... more »