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    Innocent, trusting
    They look to their parents for love & security.
    Soon they see the evil side of the one they need.
    Wondering, What did I do to make them hurt me?... more »

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    Show me more
    I need to see.
    Your hidden desires'
    Reveal them if you please.... more »

  • A Day In The Life Of Me

    Mornings are a little crazy
    I can't seem to accomplish anything.
    I normally wake and I'm happy
    An hour later I'm very mean.... more »

  • A Gift To Someone I Once Loved

    ... more »

  • Emptyness

    Is what I am
    Longing for some
    Thing to fill this empytness.... more »

  • I Hate Me

    I hate it when I feel this way.
    So unsatisfied with myself & everything.
    I hate myself so much you see
    My hatred for myself consumes me.... more »

  • My Fantasy

    To Touch you and feel you next to me..
    That's what I desire more than anything.

    I felt it for so long but never let you see... more »

  • Never Be

    I have to break away
    No more of wanting you.
    It's time for me to realize
    This is not going to do.... more »

  • No More Me

    Each day it get's harder and harder
    to hide my pain.

    I feel the breaking point coming soon... more »

  • Precious Gift

    Since the moment you were created inside of me
    I've thanked the Lord for giving me such a wonderful blessing.
    I love so many things about you, your the best thing me and your
    father could ever do.... more »

  • Reoccurring Dream

    Quite often I have the same dream'
    Someone is trying to kill me.
    I'm walking along on a road I've never seen
    When suddenly a voice calls to me.... more »

  • Secret Admirer

    Secret Admirer is who I am
    Very attracted to you this is true
    But I can't reveal who I am
    A little bit older and unvailable too... more »

  • Secret Admirer Continued (Once A Fool Always A Fool)

    Not so Secret Admirer anymore.
    I opened up my heart and got ignored.
    Still think of you probably always will.... more »

  • Secret Admirer Part#2

    Secret Admirer is not who I am.
    Very much unattracted to you this is true.
    And you know exactly who I am.
    For awhile I thought I wasn't good enough... more »

  • The Enemy Beside Me

    When we first me I thought you were the most
    wonderful guy.
    Thought we would have such a wonderful life.
    I soon realized that would never be.... more »

  • The Lies We Believe

    No longer do you write me
    No longer do we speak.

    You went out of my life so quickly... more »

  • The Mask

    Scared, empty all twisted up inside
    I'm so unsure of everything
    Why am I so unhappy with me.... more »

  • The Monster Inside

    Sqeezing my neck I can
    hardly breathe.

    Scared, God please help me.... more »

  • The Other Side Of Me

    No one truely knows
    What's inside of you or me.
    We show the world
    What we want them to believe.... more »

  • The Saint

    You place the words on the page.
    As if to guide us to a special place.
    Whether it's real or whether it's fake.
    We anticipate the words everyday.... more »

  • Unrequited Dream

    Come and rescue me
    I'm broken can't you see..
    Each day that your not
    here with me.... more »

  • When You Look At Me

    I never thought much about destiny
    Until the night you looked at me.
    The attraction you try hard not to see
    Shows everytime you look at me.... more »

  • Your My Disease

    Why can't you see me am I really that small.
    If I gave you the truth would it matter at all.
    My attraction to you is like a disease
    Flowing thru my viens killing me.... more »