• A Song In The Backyard (For Mrs Brooks)

    I'm a dandelione,
    I grew grew up in the alley with the glass and bullets.

    I dream of being a rose,... more »

  • Dandeliones For Mommy

    Poor Katrina worked so hard
    for everything she's got, though she
    thinks it's very little.... more »

  • Didn'T Chu Kno

    Didn't chu kno dat while u kiss her
    dese tears kiss ma cheek.
    While u smell her scent, yours lingers through dis room,
    filled with memories of me and u.... more »

  • Empty(For My People)

    Who am I?

    Who are we?... more »

  • Ex-Factor

    I keep letting you back in.

    I let you knock down the walls
    I created to keep you away.... more »

  • Giving Myself To You

    I give myself to you.
    Not for me, but for you.
    You give me nothing.... more »

  • He's No You

    He's taller, more muscular, and plays football better.
    But he's no you

    He has the sexiest New York accent, and his dress game is always on point.... more »

  • I Found Him

    The one who's heart is pure as the sky.
    Who's kindness runs forever like a mighty river.
    Someone who doesen't see my flaws, but my beauty.... more »

  • I Sleep

    Some build walls.
    Some fake their problems.... more »

  • I Wished...

    I wished I could be yours forever.
    I wished I could carve your name in my heart.... more »

  • If I Could Do Anything

    If I could do anything I'd come over the hills and far with you, and be your love in the rain.Where I can explore the lust of your caramel body.

    If I could do anything I'd carve your name on the most beautifulist thing God ever created. The moon. Where nothing else matters but me and you.... more »

  • I'Ll Remember

    I'll remember the pain,
    not just what I felt but you as well.

    I'll remember the smile that would've brightened... more »

  • Mommy

    When I have my first child, I want it to be a boy.
    I'll name him Nasiel.
    He'll call me mommy.... more »

  • One Last Time

    One last time could you whisper your love for me.
    One last time could you look me in my eyes.... more »

  • Since You'Ve Been Gone

    Since you've been gone everything's really good for me, I'm passing all classes, and making my dreams come true. I made the cheerleading team, and I'm not skipping school.

    Since you've been gone, I've been lonely I can't keep a relationship because I keep comparing them to you.... more »

  • Theres No Such Thing

    Theres no such thing as
    sweet words of meaning, only nothing
    Theres no such thing as dreams,... more »

  • Toy

    This name haunts me everytime I say it,
    for it is a constant reminder of what people percieve
    me to be or better yet
    who I am... a Toy.... more »

  • Toynia-The Meaning Behind The Name

    ... more »

  • Untitled Once Again

    To want companionship; someone to kiss, call, hug, cherish.
    Someone to lean on when I'm weak.
    Someone who strengthens me.... more »

  • When You Have Forgotten Me

    When you have forgotten your cute pet name 'Nukee'.
    When you have forgotten the first day of summer june 21st.... more »