• A New Beginning

    Right now its Thursday night
    And my future is looking bright
    On this day I hope for luck
    Not the kind when you find a buck... more »

  • A Smile, A Frown

    What a waste of time
    Wanting things that will never be mine
    I go up, then down
    A smile, a frown... more »

  • Action

    I'm sitting here, waiting
    I'm walking here, pacing
    I'm laughing here, forgetting
    I'm crying here, remembering... more »

  • As My Heart Rots

    I think about you all the time
    Wondering why you won't be mine
    You're on my mind day and night
    The thought of you just seems so right... more »

  • Away

    Tonight we are so far apart
    And as usual we are falling apart
    But please baby hold on
    Please baby wait for the dawn... more »

  • Back To Childhood

    I wish I could go back to the days
    Before I saw the world as a maze
    When I would be content
    Using pillows and blankets for a tent... more »

  • Bad Endings, Never Ending

    Why does this always have to end in pain
    I'm always left outside in the rain
    Is this all she knows
    Are we friends or foes... more »

  • Born Anew

    What do you think of death
    Your lungs take a final breath
    Your eyes stare off into space
    Never to fall upon another face... more »

  • Confusion Of Life

    Why does my life have to be so confusing
    It seems like I'm always defusing
    Things need to work out fine at least once
    But I'm always the one being the dunce... more »

  • Considerate

    All I ever hope to do
    Is make someone's life better
    It doesn't have to be with you
    It might come in a letter... more »

  • Creation

    All my feeling are bottled up inside
    But these poems are where I confide
    My heart can hold no more
    So I open up and let my feelings pour... more »

  • Disappointment

    I sit here over a couple of beers
    I sit here over a couple of tears
    Looking back over my short life
    All I see is myself falling to strife... more »

  • Escape

    Riding on the trial
    Where I won't have to bail
    Riding on the street... more »

  • Facing Backwards, Upside Down

    Girls bathroom, under water
    Not a son, but a daughter
    Facing backwards, upside down
    Inside out, underground... more »

  • Fallen

    Tonight we lay here together
    Where I want to stay forever
    And with a smile and a kiss
    I am sucked deep into this... more »

  • Fire In The Sky

    The shuttle is headed toward the sky
    No one thought that it would fly
    But now the blue is fading to black
    Now there is no turning back... more »

  • For Ms. S.

    A girl I once knew
    That was so lonely and blue
    Backwards was the only way she walked
    Sadness was all she ever talked... more »

  • Future

    What does the future hold
    Something that can not be told
    Is it something so very scary
    Or is it something that is quite merry... more »

  • Go

    I just cant say no
    This won't work I know
    I want to go the other way
    I don't want to stay... more »

  • Growing

    Is it possible to like you more
    Then I watch you walk out that door
    Now I'm here all alone
    All we can do is talk on the phone... more »

  • Half In, Half Out

    Half in, half out
    Why do I have this doubt
    Maybe if I didn't think about this so much
    I wouldn't feel this pain such... more »

  • Here We Go Again

    We are starting this anew
    Everything is telling me not to
    But I go ahead anyway
    Hoping that this time you'll stay... more »

  • Higher Than A Kite

    Aqua Marine, on a trampoline
    One big box, chasing a quick brown fox
    My left shoe, riding a ski-doo
    The sun, with it's hair in a bun... more »

  • Highway To Your Heart

    I don't want to let this be
    What do you want from me
    How large is the fee
    For just getting into your heart... more »

  • Hitler's Lasting Reign

    March them into the grave
    No one here needs to be brave
    Stop moving and your dead
    Keep moving into your final bed... more »