• Anthea's Domestic Book Of Laws.

    I've washed the dishes and washed the floors,
    Vacuumed carpets, wiped the doors.
    The clothes away in all the drawers.
    I've stuck to Anthea's cleaning laws.... more »

  • Forbidden Love

    He knocks down my defences.
    Brick by brick I become exposed.
    I soften to his words as he moulds me to his needs.
    Afraid of what he's created, he can no longer complete the game.... more »

  • However Will I Find You?

    However, will I find you in a sea of shining stars?

    How will I know which one is you in this galaxy afar?... more »

  • Please Come To Me (A Lovers Tryst)

    To thine tryst doth I tarry.
    Perfectly poised, yet still.
    Please come to me, my love. Please come.
    As I would to thee with will.... more »

  • Roads Of Yore

    Where do they lead, these roads of yore?
    Where once a mighty army tread.
    Those who stood before. Uncountable.
    Advancing astutely on ahead.... more »