• Athene's Bird - The Sign

    Athene's Bird
    The Sign

    Scarring the olive tree’s bared limb... more »

  • Beyond Sight

    Lush green flickers
    shades of blue-black.
    A coral thumbnail
    draws the sky into night's mask.... more »

  • Chapters

    I become more amazed,
    as I turn the pages
    to the hidden chapters
    of whom you are.... more »

  • Daddy?

    Daddy, can you hear my cries,
    see the tears that stream
    down my stained anguish face?... more »

  • My Words

    My words have never been enough
    to convey my thoughts...
    as darkness prevails my world.... more »

  • Seeing What You Read

    When I read or write
    I see and feel things differently.

    ImaGes are nOt whaT they AlwAys aPpear... more »

  • She Leaves Without Regret

    To him, she meant everything—
    (for a while)

    He watched her grow passionately... more »

  • She Reaches For The Unknown

    The sun rose—
    stretching her rays
    with ghostly fingers reaching
    through trees... more »

  • When Did It Happen

    I don’t know when it happened
    or how, or when I created

    the garden—... more »

  • Why Lord, Why A Child

    A beautiful day darkened by a black cloud coming down,
    the smile on a child's face frozen to a frown.
    Eyes that had life stared with stricken fear,
    I saw his lips tremble followed by streams of tears.... more »

  • Winters Edge

    My leaves turn
    from envy
    to shades of dying flames.... more »