Hello everyone.
I am a twenty three year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I am also a eighteen month Veteran of the Vietnam War. Writing poetry has become second nature to me. I do sell my work on CD. I have written five hundred poems in four years for relaxation. I have been posting poems on my page as time permits. Please come on in and enjoy yourself. I do appreciate your comments (both good and bad. please keep diplomacy in mind as poets and writers are a sensitive bunch.

Thank You and Take Care


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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 27 Apr 2008 12:45
So, where is this highlY acclaimed poet's poems then? Couldn't find any of them anywhere.
MCKENZi : ] 23 Feb 2008 08:12
Tracker always is always willing to comment poems; and he gives great advice on how to make your poems better. He always understands what your poems are trying to say. A great poet as well. : ]