• I'M A Heart

    I am a heart
    you know me well
    control all your emotions
    as you can tell.... more »

  • I'M Always Losing

    Lay in bed
    sometimes at night
    waiting for demons
    that wanna fight.... more »

  • It's Your Call

    It started out one night, with a game in pool
    I met a woman and thought she was cool.

    But it grew bigger, than I had ever dreamed... more »

  • Little Rhymes

    Sometimes I sit late at night
    and all I want to do is write.... more »

  • Living In A Dark World

    Hear the wind howling tonight
    the cool air blows in
    get an awful empty feeling
    that crawls under my skin.... more »

  • Love

    Love is a word that is misunderstood
    people don't use it like they should.

    They say things, that break your heart... more »

  • Love Angel

    Time rushes all to fast
    wind blowing in my face
    your heart lets me know
    I'll never lose this race.... more »

  • Love Games

    I woke up this morning, from a dream I had
    crying and scared, I was shaking real bad.
    You walked out my door and you didn't say why... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is like a plant, it requires a lot of care
    and understanding, the more you care about it
    the more you understand it.... more »

  • Love Is A Gift

    Love is a gift, that was handed to us by God from the heavens above
    that why it's call love, it was meant to be gentle and free as a dove
    love is not meant to be used as a weapon, to hurt and destroy
    it isn't a game that you play with people's feels, and break em like little toys... more »

  • Love Is Beautiful

    Love is beautiful and i know it's true, and when you find that special someone, you'll know it too
    makes you happy and then sad
    can break your heart and drives you mad.... more »

  • Love Sucker With A Broken Heart

    To the one that once loved me
    and made me feel whole
    gave me hope like it should be
    made plans for us to grow old.... more »

  • Making A Stand

    I was born in America, raised deep in the south
    going to say what I want to, because I have a mouth

    People want to make a comment on how they feel... more »

  • Memory Lane

    Two hearts in love
    feeling that run deep
    air filled with passion
    memories that you keep.... more »

  • My Angel

    Met a lady playing pool one night
    the moment we met everything was right... more »

  • My Bad Day

    Went up the mountains
    to clear my mind
    got lost in the beauty
    lost track of time.... more »

  • My Job

    I woke up this morning, wasn't feeling any pain
    hoping for the sunshine, but ended up with rain.... more »

  • My Life(Child Abuse) It's All Real

    I came home from school, early one day
    Because my mom said, she had something to say
    She carried me out that day, and fed me good
    Like only a mother really would... more »

  • My Only Love

    To a woman as beautiful as can be, the only one I want with me.
    The sunshine of my brightest day
    the one that takes my lonely away.
    You are my dream that really came true... more »

  • My Pain

    I wake in the morning wondering how it would be
    to get out of bed and be pain free.
    To walk around with a smile on my face... more »

  • Our Troop's With Love

    I'm writing this to all of you, that fight for me everyday
    it isn't much but a few lines, that really let me say.

    I'm so very proud of what you do, both day and night... more »

  • Pain

    I wake in the morning, wondering how it would be
    to get out of bed and be pain free.

    To walk around with, a smile on my face... more »

  • Pouring Rain

    Standing in the rain as it pours on my head
    thinking about all the things i said.

    Trying to figure out where i went wrong... more »

  • Remembering Dale# 3

    Today, I just sat and cried
    remembering the day, that Dale died.

    A man we all knew and loved... more »

  • River Of Life

    I sat by a creek bank, just the other day
    watching the water, carry a leaf away.

    I thought to myself, is this the way life goes... more »