• After The Storm (Haiku)

    The storm has broken-
    heavy air replaced by breezes.
    Tonight we sleep well.... more »

  • Alive

    ' I was glad when they said to me
    'Let's go to the house of the Lord' '
    So we went in expectation
    And found companions for the journey,... more »

  • Angel's Wing

    A white feather lies on the ground.
    It quivers gently in the breeze
    but cannot fly; it can't recall
    how once it soared mile after mile.... more »

  • Breakfast Time 7.30am

    I add mayo to prawns.
    Stirring, the squelch of fish on sauce is satisfying.
    You eat breakfast.
    A blob on the bread spreads with difficulty.... more »

  • Bush (Haiku)

    Buddlia drooping
    heavily-purple flowers
    drip with butterflies.... more »

  • Dragonflies And Lilies

    The river sings brightly to the glory of God:
    It bursts with light and life and love,
    Each ripple catching sunshine and twinkling joyfully,
    Reflecting back these gifts so generously given.... more »

  • Epitaph For A Cat

    Bare lies the mat on which you sat
    and the chair you scratched.
    Your claws retracted
    Permanently and yet... more »

  • Everywoman Lunar Child

    One week in four I slip into daydream,
    The real is veiled; a world is inside me.
    An ebb and flow of physicality
    With forced moments of dull lucidity,... more »

  • Experiment In Pountoun-The Dream

    The dream I had continues to torment.
    The passion of it fills me with such fear.
    I wonder where such dreaming finds its birth?
    The thought of it sends shivers down my spine,... more »

  • Good Friday 2010

    Gaza is bombed.
    Railway strike ballots.
    Suicide bomb child,
    Widowed at seventeen.... more »

  • Grass

    He showed me blades of grass cut down to size
    By the work of man. Each one short, all green.
    A beautiful bland sameness throughout,
    And further on, he showed me tall grass... more »

  • Graveyard

    Haven of peace,
    Yet no peace for me.
    Love set in stone,
    Hardened in misery.... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    I met a little girl at school one day
    Who said ‘Today it is my birthday.
    I am five. I’ve had lots of presents
    And later there is going to be a party.’... more »

  • Inevitable

    As certain as death follows
    Life, sun after rain and
    The calm before a storm,
    In desperate love I swallow... more »

  • Jonah

    My bones are too tired to care.
    They are worn out by time, truth and death.
    I long to escape-you have driven me away.... more »

  • Joy

    ... more »

  • Last Of The Last

    His name was Claude Stanley Choules.
    He was a living testimony
    Until today.... more »

  • Memoriam

    The face I see is one with drained flesh
    Losing form and identity;
    Bones breaking through the outer parts.
    Hands, knarled and stiff,... more »

  • Mother's Day

    Dear Dad,
    You said - you will end up like your mother
    Enjoy it while you can-
    By which, I presume, you meant fat,... more »

  • My Love (Haiku)

    a red rose
    refreshed by
    morning dew... more »

  • Old Men

    </>Who knows the thoughts of old men?
    They seem so safe, so slow,
    but these men are boys in their hearts and heads.... more »

  • Owl

    Wise owl sits
    In complete noiselessness,
    And contemplates his legend.
    It is in this quiet repose... more »

  • Psalm 1

    The sky is dull- but the
    white wings of gulls
    flash against it.
    So, I will look for signs of your presence... more »

  • Salvation

    Your blood
    Represented by wine
    Usurps the blood of women
    Shed for all... more »

  • Sleep (Haiku)

    Sleep comes wearily
    Knowing how this will finish-
    Darkness, silence, peace.... more »