• A Dream Or A Nightmare

    You run through a field of flowers
    The flowers burst into flames

    You walk down a hallway... more »

  • Fantasy Sky

    I dream of you
    A dream is a vision of what the heart desires
    My heart desisres you... more »

  • I Owe It All To You

    You make me smile more
    More than I ever have
    You make the darkness go away
    And bring me into the light... more »

  • I Think It's Time

    We've known eachother for a while now
    First I didn't know you at all
    I'm glad I called the next night
    I made a new friend that day... more »

  • In The Eye Of Her

    To her I am nothing
    We could never be
    I settle for less
    But it doesnt feel as it should... more »

  • Lost Hope

    Some times trying isn't enough
    Some times praying gets the same result
    Is this just my life
    Or is it the way of the world... more »

  • Me

    ... more »

  • My Ode To You

    I can’t express my feelings for you
    I can never find the right words
    I can never think of the right gift
    There’re aren’t enough words in the world... more »

  • Union Of Hearts

    Being with you makes me feel high

    Being away from you makes me hurt... more »

  • What Am I To You

    I wonder what you think about
    When you think of me
    What about me makes you want me to stay
    Why do I care for you so much... more »

  • You'Ve Made Your Choice

    You’ve made your decision
    I suppose I have to live by that
    You’ve chosen to leave me
    I’m not sure why... more »