I am not a poet. I just try to put down my random thoughts into rhythm. Besides I have not full fluency in English as it is not my mother tongue. There might be some errors within the words. If you would like to join me in social networks, find me at www.facebook.com/trailakyar


Trailakya Roy Poems

My Lover

I'm unexpected to this now
The youthful chivalry has gone.
No one to cheer, no one to love
Family, friends, I have none.... more »

Trailakya Roy Quotes

To love and to live is to win.
It is as easy to say as hard to do.
দেশে জন্মিলেই নাগরিক হওয়া যায়না, দেশের প্রতি ভালবাসা আর দায়িত্ববোধ না থাকিলে নাগরিক বলা যায় না।
ব্যক্তিগত মত

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