• Cadence

    The Cadence of Drums
    The Nagging pull of you downed comrade
    Signals the wars beginning
    As if a bomb had gone off next to you... more »

  • Golden Sky

    The Trees Begin To Sway
    As We Walk Down This Golden Sky
    A Bond Of Steel Surrounds Us
    To Protect Us From Nature’s Harm... more »

  • Lost In Your Love

    I was wandering down a lonely path
    When I saw you shining in the distance
    To lead me away from this darkness
    To a world filled with your love... more »

  • My Day

    Today shall be my day
    To fix all wrongs of mine
    To make this home
    A better place for all... more »

  • Uncertainty

    When you’re full of uncertainty
    And can’t make up your mind
    The world seems to stop in the moment
    Waiting for you to make a mistake... more »