• Eva The Adorer

    The heart of Eva,
    restless waiting for love...
    She just can be an adorer
    who lives silent in the secret place...... more »

  • Everything

    I love you like I love my son

    I love you like I love my little brother... more »

  • How?

    I understand why
    I can believe about
    something that I can not see...... more »

  • I Want To Be Your Angel

    I want to be the person;

    who always heals you when you're hurts... more »

  • I'M Just An Ordinary Tree

    My existence
    start from a little piece of seed...

    First, I was bury on the ground...... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes life past
    just to fast...
    But sometimes time
    just seems to stop...... more »

  • Thursday Afternoon's Bus

    Today is Monday
    But I remember of Thursday...
    Because every times I remember it,
    There will be a happy heart in me...... more »

  • Untitled (Lost)

    if you lost your dreams away,
    look at the sky and another dreams will stream down.
    Then you will have a passion to walk on this life again...... more »

  • You

    From a hundred billion matters and living things,

    I just need one,... more »