• Hexham Abbey

    Bring homage to this holy place;
    This ancient site of Christian grace,
    Devotion steeped in sandstone walls,
    Draws faithful to these hallowed halls... more »

  • The Seaside Holiday

    The sun shines down upon the sand,
    Lovers walking hand in hand,
    Foaming surf licks at their feet -
    It's such a lovely place to meet,... more »

  • The Seasons

    The snow is melting quickly now,
    The joy of spring draws near;
    The sun shines from the clear blue sky,
    Now winters end is here.... more »

  • The Train Journey

    The fireman shovelled on the coal,
    The driver blew the whistle;
    The coaches lurched - away we went,
    Through heather and the thistle.... more »

  • This England

    This land of true and valiant men,
    This England fine and fair,
    With freedom of its own desire,
    And justice as its heir.... more »