• A Day In My Life

    The sun streams in through my bedroom window
    Casting soft light on me as I sleep
    I open my eyes
    and feel a pang of regret... more »

  • An Angels Peace

    Die Angel shed thy blood tonight
    bath my hands in crimson life
    let my hold you in my arms
    as your arms grow weak... more »

  • Angelic Love

    here I am weak and bruised my darkness seeks to consume me.
    The pain of being alone tears at my heart.
    But what is this I see and Angel by me.... more »

  • Broken

    Darkness surrounds
    The light fades
    Can this be
    What I thought was peace... more »

  • Christmas Memories

    It it that time of year again
    all the lights and festivity
    all the emptiness inside
    all the loneliness... more »

  • Darkness My Mistress

    Darkness has come
    Embracing me with velvet arms
    I surrender to her touch
    She whispers her love to me... more »

  • Depression

    Most don't realize just how sever depressions can be
    they push it aside pretending it isn't real
    and yet when they see someoen suffering
    what do they do... more »

  • Dumbass

    that is what I am and must be
    to have let you go one without me
    cannot believe how stupid I was
    you always said I was smart... more »

  • Emptiness

    How can I explain
    what this feeling is like
    you just told me
    that you didn't want me... more »

  • Family Love

    Tis the season
    To spread joy and cheer
    I grin as I take part in this season... more »

  • Grave Keeper

    The pale moon light illuminates my path
    my passing goes unnoticed by those who reside here
    for they do not care... more »

  • Hell Is Here

    I stood tall and strong
    I loved you with all my heart and soul
    you called me your soul mate
    and I felt my happiness grow... more »

  • High Hopes

    I had the highest hopes
    for you and I
    I kept moving towards you
    I may have stumbled alot... more »

  • I Am Death

    I creep in shadows
    In darkness unseen
    Hiding in closets
    In darkness under the bed... more »

  • Kill Me

    Kill me

    Kill me slowly
    Kill me quickly... more »

  • Longing

    I ran into a friend the other day
    we hadn't seen each other in a while
    we just happened to bump into one another
    at the local mall on Sunday... more »

  • Love


    Life’s greatest gift
    Life’s greatest curse... more »

  • Loving The Feeling Of The Inasinty That Creeps Inside

    What is this feeling
    It is strangly satisfying
    it tingles up my back like goosebumps
    but it feels so good I can't get enough... more »

  • My Angel

    I seek escape from this lonely existence. My dreams are happy. My wakeful moments are dreaded.

    She awaits me in my dreams. I see her standing in a field of flowers. The blue sky beckons to us. I gaze upon her but I do not see her with my eyes. I see her with my heart. I cannot see her face but I know her beauty is beyond compare.... more »

  • My Angel And Me

    As I pass under a tree
    I happen to glance up
    and imagine to my surprise
    I see an angel sitting there... more »

  • My Failing

    Here I stand once more
    looking back at all I have done
    more wrong then good
    I try I really do... more »

  • My Mind A Blissful Insanity

    Twisted and Strained
    it is amazing in it chaotic sense
    both sides bicker and fight
    vying for control... more »

  • Nightmare

    My dreams are always the same
    An unending darkness void of all things
    Just a peaceful void
    nothing to bother me... more »

  • No Reason To Smile

    I have no reason to smile
    for the one who made me smile
    is now gone
    so why should I smile... more »

  • One Last Look

    One last look is all I have
    of our home we built together
    were our dreams were born
    with one last look I bide them farewell... more »