• Plain And Simple Truths

    Thank you so much for the complements.
    I'm not usually one for stating things plainly.
    But since you were so kind as to say it,
    I'd say it, too,... more »

  • Poetic Gestation

    Two hearts patiently waiting in poetic gestation
    Past regrets alongside future not-yets,
    And the present filled with
    the hopes and dreams of a life together.... more »

  • Potent Magic

    undress... more »

  • Prince Charming

    You are my Prince off to fight his dragons,
    Personal battles of momentous proportions.
    And I am your Princess-In-Waiting,
    Waiting for your safe return.... more »

  • Ragdoll

    ... more »

  • Rain Poem #1

    Thinking of you
    Rain pouring down
    Dry oak leaves
    Dark night embracing... more »

  • Rain Poem #2

    Formless gray sky
    On a rainy Friday morning
    The rushing breeze tossing
    Rain drops pitter pattering down... more »

  • Rain Poem #3

    Tiny wet notes descending unheeded from heaven.
    The subtle beginnings
    To a melodious symphony of the senses.
    Beat by beat they slowly seep into the dry earth.... more »

  • Sacred Sustenance To The Soul

    Poetry is music.
    Poetry is song.
    Poetry is the beat I feel in my bones.
    Nerve endings,... more »

  • Shimmering Diamonds

    Frost on leaves
    Shimmering diamonds
    In the early morning sunlight.... more »

  • Singing To Myself

    I sang myself back to sanity today.
    The sun finally came out after a dreary yesterday.
    Somehow I feel that the air around could sense
    what was happening inside me.... more »

  • Sitting In Stillness

    The day opens with a gray nondescript sky
    Yellowing leaves strewn haphazardly
    on the patchy lawn below my bedroom window.
    The air motionless outside except for an occasional breeze... more »

  • Sweet Dreams

    The rain is falling
    A light drizzle
    At 8: 14 P.M.
    It adds a peaceful base... more »

  • Tension And Release

    The air suddenly changed this morning.
    From the hot unforgiving summer heat
    Came the cool breezes heralding autumn
    Another season has passed... more »

  • Tethered

    A goat rope-bound by its neck
    To a stake on the ground
    The thing its center
    and yet its bane... more »

  • The Child In My Arms

    There is a part of me that still grieves.
    Do you see her? Can you hear her?
    She is there by the corner, weeping.
    A small disappointed child.... more »

  • The Perfect Card

    I scan through the cards on the shelf.
    The simplest of tasks
    Seems like the hardest thing for me to do,
    trying to pick the right one for you.... more »

  • The White Ogre

    Shifty looks
    A tempest brewing
    Snake slithering
    under white knotty skin... more »

  • To My Lover: A Quiet Longing

    In inner places still and silent,
    Grows a quiet longing
    That causes my heart to go about
    In restless soulful pacing.... more »

  • Waiting

    In these quiet moments of deep winter,
    I think of you,
    as I stand with my candle burning
    in my frostbitten hands... more »

  • Where Does One Begin?

    Where does one begin to find someone like you?
    Will he be hidden away within the pages of some dusty old book?
    In between the verses of a forgotten poem?
    In the words of a painful love song?... more »

  • Winter Wren In Four Parts

    Fall 2007

    I think of you, little winter wren
    Sitting on the palm of my open hand.... more »