TM Tridib Mitra 7 April 1943

Tridib Mitra (b.1943) , was the poster-boy of the Hungry Generation Literary Movement (known also as HUNGRYALISM or HUNGREALISM) , in Bengali literature which stormed Calcutta culture between 1961 and 1965. He really pasted the HG posters drawn by Anil Karanjai and Karuna Nidhan Mukhopadhyay on the walls of Albert Hall Coffee House and Presidency College canteen. He edited two important mouthpieces of the Hungryalist Movement: 'UNMARGA' in Bengali and 'WASTE PAPER' in English, which were distributed freely among intellectuals and students. The impact resonates to this day. He writes both in Bengali and English. He has published only one collection of poems: GHULGHULI (The Niche) .


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