When I was born I had a major heart disease. I was able to be held in the palm of your hand. When I was two my father had been murdered.He had been hung by my mother. After that my mother had been taking care of me and my sister but my mother had been feeding us dog food. One time she had left me in the middle of the street and my hand was hit by a car.Now I live with my grandmother here in Hesperia, California.


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My One True Love

were ever I go she follows me, I know she is with me because I can feel her warmth in my heart. I can see her smile were ever I go. we have a connection that I have never had before. I can feel her in my arms. Is this love.

yes it is I know it is, this is true love. A love that I have and will never share with anyone else but her. she is the sun that warms up my heart, she is the butterflies in my stomach when I think of her. she is the blanket that keeps me warm when I am cold and alone. I know this is love.... more »


your destiny is not mine.
But ours might be intertwine
all though you dont know me
I hope you can meet me... more »

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