• A New Day

    ... more »

  • A Resipe For Love

    add a teaspoon of friendship
    add a pinch of cherishment
    put a dash of heart warming moments
    put in a cup of memories... more »

  • Battle

    If your there and i'm here
    and if you here and i'm there
    you want me and I want you
    I can't win.... more »

  • Day By Day

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  • Demons Hunger

    I am in a dark room wandering around in a endless void, all that I can see is darkness all around me. I am sitting down in what seems to be the middle of the room, I close my eyes in fear of what might await for me as I open my mind. I wait in the room for what seems to be like a eternity, waiting for something to happen. I feel like I am being tortured again, like before being driven into madness from the darkness.

    But in a moment of weakness I see a small glimmer of light, it seems to be in the shape of a door. I stand up and yell 'hello is anyone there? ' before I can hear a answer I start to run towards the door, not seeming to get anywhere I run as fast as I can. my heart racing as I try to escape the dark room that entrapped me, I can see it...I can see the exit. I push as hard as one last time, finally reaching the door I try and bust through.... more »

  • Destiny

    your destiny is not mine.
    But ours might be intertwine
    all though you dont know me
    I hope you can meet me... more »

  • Dreams And Horrors

    As I roam around the sweet world of dreams, I am happy noticing that she is next to me. Her face was a clear as day to see and as beautiful as a angels smile, I wrap my hand around hers holding it tightly. around our fingers are rings that show that we have and will always be there for each other forever. We are walking in a grassy plain the day was bright and the sky clear, I know it was a perfect world as soon as long as I was with her. I look her in my arms, pulling her gently closer to me kissing her.

    Right before I place a kiss along her lips, I opened my eyes for a brief moment. then I realized the grassy plain that we were exploring suddenly burst into flames. I looked around holding her close, and as I feel her breast touch me it disappears. I look around for her and notice that she has fell into the earth, fell into the deep earth and the fire covered obis known as hell. I fall to my knees and yell out her name, tears streaming down my face.... more »

  • God See's All

    As the sun falls the sky grows dark. The night envelopes the earth, time comes to a complete stop. Things happen in the dark of night. Under the hand of god many things the lord make happen. He watches as two friends become lovers, and a baby boy is born, and a mother watches her little boy is born.... more »

  • Hate

    I hate you
    you hate me
    if you loved me
    we wouldent be in this... more »

  • Hurting Heart

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  • I Am

    I am Trinity
    I am a respectful man
    I am a loving caring person
    I am a heart worming man... more »

  • Insanity

    I travel alone, going down this never ending road of madness. I have been going down this road for as long as I can reamember, everystep being more devestating than the last. when will it stop when will this road end, I cant do it I must try and find the end that is why I travel. but as I see something in the distance a small speck appears in the middle of the road, as I get closer the speck turns into a form, a woman. as I walk by her I notice her she looks scared as I stop to see if she is alright my heart stops.... more »

  • Life

    my life is not yours
    but even though we have
    something speacial.
    if your sad i'm sad.... more »

  • Life Always Has Something New

    Life is not always the best that you want,
    maybe you think its not the best thing in the world.
    But for every life there is given there is also a life that
    is taken away at the same time, there is only a few... more »

  • Lost

    im lost i have no place to go.
    i need a family but they dont
    they have a family a home.... more »

  • The Light

    The Light is warm, it is comforting. The light is what has me moving forward, having me push to my best. My Light is my love, my whole life has been dark and alone. when My light came into my life I became happy once again, just like I was so long ago. My light lives in my heart, my light stay's in my mind every moment of the day and when I sleep I dream about it. Without it my life would go back to being dark and dreary, without it my death would be cold and meaningless. This is my light, this is my hope.... more »

  • Lost Loves

    I am running for my life, running for our lives. She is right there I can see her but no matter how hard I try I cant seem to reach her. I love her, I love him. they are my family and no matter what happens that will never change, they are the ones I love with all my heart, they are my frieds, my family, my support. When I close my eyes all I see is them, when I look up in the cloudy sky all I see in the clouds is there beautiful faces. they are angels that are watching over me no matter what or where I am.

    The little one, so full of life and joy...he always brings a smile to my face when I hear his laughs. He reminds me that there is a future for everyone and I dream about him when I sleep. He may be a part of me that may never break away.... more »

  • Love

    I love you, you love me.
    If you can see we were ment to be.
    I see your face when i'm awake
    I see your face when i'm asleep.... more »

  • My One True Love

    were ever I go she follows me, I know she is with me because I can feel her warmth in my heart. I can see her smile were ever I go. we have a connection that I have never had before. I can feel her in my arms. Is this love.

    yes it is I know it is, this is true love. A love that I have and will never share with anyone else but her. she is the sun that warms up my heart, she is the butterflies in my stomach when I think of her. she is the blanket that keeps me warm when I am cold and alone. I know this is love.... more »

  • Perfection

    On a snowy white day in the middle of winter, I see a tall white figure. her slim for wrapped up by a white gown that flows behind her with every step. AS I stare at her with a wide smile on my lips I stop to think about who this person is. I wince my eye trying my hardest to make out the perfect form aproching me but to no avail I can not tell who it is.... more »

  • Save Me

    The ties that I have made, the promises that I have kept. The tears that I have wept was not what have saved me. the truth that I have found, the love that I have gained. the one that I have tried, she kept me from the dark. she has left me here with a heart full of love. she has gave me everything that I have ever needed, but as you walk into the room a secret is reaveled and I am tied to a chair, as you walk closer you take the tape off my mouth and I lean my head back.... more »

  • The Loved, And The Scared

    there are a few in this world, the only few that seek what their heart desiers. they have mixed feelings for one, and mixed feelings about the other. you think they are the one and then life throws another at you. making your life a living hell, once you figure things out and get you life straight thats when you will be happy again. love is a fickle emotion, yet it is the strongest. and fear is a strong emotion used so much that it has become weak.... more »

  • The One Word

    Why is it the it has so much power and can do so much? One word can save people, it can make you shead a tear and wish for it. It can make you strive for a harder goal and succeed. When you give up and lose it you stop and die alittle but then you think of all the good things that you are letting go, then it comes back even stronger than ever. This one word can have you saying 'yes I can do it! ' And then you run head first.... more »